Director: Wendi Froedge


Wendi Leigh Froedge, MSN, RN, CCRN
RN IV, Critical Care

Houston Methodist Willowbrook Hospital

Experience and Activities

Chapter Membership

  • North Harris/Montgomery County Chapter, 2007-present
    • Secretary, 2013-2014 
    • President, 2010-2012 
    • President-elect, 2009-2010
    • Board member, 20007-2009

AACN Commitment and Involvement in the past 3 years

Includes how the candidate integrated AACN's mission and work into her current role and practice. Local and national volunteer activities are listed, if applicable.

  • Chapter Advisory Team, July 2012-June 2015
  • Nominated for Circle of Excellence Award, 2014
  • Evidence-based Poster Abstract Review Panel, 2014
  • NTI Presenter, "Time Management; Making the most of your nursing minutes," Orlando, FL, 2012
  • National AACN member, 2005 - present

Key Professional Activities outside AACN in the past 3 years

Includes involvement with other professional organizations, teaching and/or speaking.

  • Currently primary writer preparing Beacon Award for Excellence application for SICU, Methodist Willowbrook Hospital, Houston
  • “Capturing Zero; How Interprofessional Collaboration Led to Four Years VAP-free,” podium presentation, ANCC Pathway to Excellence Conference, San Antonio, May 2014 
  • “Capturing Zero; How Interprofessional Collaboration Led to Four Years VAP-free,” presented poster at 2014 QSEN National Forum, Baltimore, May 2014 
  • Published in American Nurse Today, “How to Make the Most of Your Nursing Minutes,” 2013 
  • “Time Management: Making the Most of Your Nursing Minutes,” podium presentation at National Teaching Institute & Critical Care Exposition, Orlando, Florida, May 2012

Issues Statement

When it is statistically safer to fly in a jet airplane than to be a patient in a hospital, we know there is something seriously wrong with the system. Beyond the blatant mistakes such as incorrect site surgeries, issues such as infections and treatment mishaps continue to plague our profession. As frontline providers of care, we cannot let these statistics stand.

I believe it is up to the leaders at the bedside and those who support them to shine the spotlight on these concerns. Since nursing is one of the most trusted professions, it is our duty to advocate and speak up for safety. It is by focusing the flames of creativity and finding unique solutions that we can improve patient outcomes. As someone whose own family member had an ICU stay due to a medical error, I strive to be a champion in the area of patient safety for my staff and everyone I encounter in our profession.

It is through the vehicle of AACN we can best champion this cause and continue to seek evidence-based practice solutions, engage in research and be supported in our fight to improve patient care. The ICU nurses I am fortunate to work with have achieved a zero-defect culture in VAP rates for five years, so we know that “capturing zero” can be done. Until every hospital can boast zero negative outcomes in every area of care our work will always be necessary. Nurses today are in the best position to influence this endeavor as respected members of both the profession, and AACN.

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