Program Approval for Continuing Education

Please note: Continuing Education Program Approval applications submitted Wednesday, May 13th - Monday, May 25th will be on hold for review by AACN Program Approval. Our staff will be out of the office for the National Teaching Institute and Critical Care Exposition in San Diego, CA. We will be back in the office on Tuesday, May 26th.

Please review the Program Approval CE Policy thoroughly to become familiar with all of our requirements. The application, supporting documentation and processing fees are all required before a program will be considered.

What's New With Program Approval?
Recent updates to our policy

Required Reading
CE Program Approval Policy

Required Forms
Application Cover Sheet
Program Information Form
Submission Checklist

Bibliography/Reference Form
Biographical Data Form
CE Certificate Template
Permissions and Disclosure Form
Program Evaluation Form
CE Program Information Form (Extended version)
Record Keeping Checklist

Example Form
Model Program Information Form

Pay Online
Online Payment Instructions
Pay Online

Contact Program Approval

Email: programapproval@aacn.orgCertification
For certification questions please send an email to:


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