Ambassadors Best Practices: NTI

Name: Patricia Cohen, North Shore Medical Center

Each year I purchase all the NTI conference tapes and bring them back to the hospital to share with all the numerous departments at the hospital.

I make up a folder of exhibitor information and give it out to the director. Also I purchase books from the conference and donate them to various departments. 

3 critical success factors:

One cannot overestimate the importance of just bringing back your enthusiasm and knowledge to your hospital.

Just as a side note, I warned my unit to have me locked up for about two weeks after coming back and true to form they had the Baker Act paper waiting for me upon my return.

goals/data measurement:

Some of the nurses have begun studying to take the CCRN exam; others now know how to properly recertify their certification when renewing for the first time.

Our hospital is in the process of initiating a sepsis bundle, orders and education. Just share your knowledge and excitement and others will catch it too. 

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