CCRN and PCCN Certification Exam FAQs for Ambassadors

How Do I Apply?

You can register online at Certification>Apply Online or you may mail or fax in your application — see pages 37-39 of the CCRN Exam Handbook or pages 21-23 of the PCCN Exam Handbook.  Applications are not accepted over the phone.

What Is the Cost?

Costs vary by exam and there are member prices and non-member prices. Refer to page 37 of the CCRN Exam Handbook or page 21 of the PCCN Exam Handbook. Discounts for group exams are highly encouraged. 

Am I Eligible?

Candidates must meet one of the following clinical practice requirement options:

  • Practice as an RN or APRN for 1,750 hours in direct bedside care during the previous 2 years, with 875 of those hours accrued in the most recent year preceding application.
  • Practice as an RN or APRN for at least 5 years with a minimum of 2,000 hours in direct bedside care with 144 of those hours accrued in the most recent year preceding application.

To help determine which exam aligns with your practice, refer to the PCCN or CCRN flyer.

When Can I Take the Exam?

The computer-based exam is available year-round, Monday through Saturday, at more than 175 testing sites.

Once I’ve Applied What’s Next?

We inform our testing center, Applied Measurement Professionals (AMP), of your application and they’ll send you a confirmation email and postcard. You have a 90-day window to apply for the test date.

How Do I Prepare for the Exam?

AACN offers a wide variety of resources and study materials to help with your exam preparations. Our Marketplace online bookstore offers CDs, DVDs and an online prep webinar.

Many review courses are also available throughout the US and are posted on the certification website and on the chapter event listings.

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