Measuring Success of the ABCDE Bundle: Dare to Make a Difference in Patient Outcomes
Leanne Boehm, Joyce Okahashi
Measuring Success of the ABCDE Bundle: Dare to Make a Difference in Patient Outcomes: Start Activity
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Learning Objectives

At the completion of this program, you will be able to:
  • Define the components of the ABCDE bundle and describe benefits of each.
  • Identify strategies for implementation of ABCDE bundle components into routine clinical care, and potential facilitators and barriers to implementation.
  • Identify methods for measurement of compliance and success of the ABCDE bundle in practice.

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This session offers a brief discussion of each of the individual components of the ABCDE bundle (Awakening and Breathing coordination, Choice of sedative, Delirium screening and management, and Early exercise). Case studies provide an example of how to incorporate the components into bedside care. Data from a large clinical trial highlight compliance information, nursing perceptions, and attitudes related to the ABCDE bundle and its implementation. Methods for measuring compliance with ABCDE bundle components are presented, and networking is facilitated through an interactive discussion of implementation strategies. This session identifies the benefits of coordinated care and empowers nurses to work in collaboration with unit leadership and other disciplines.

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