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NTI16PE AACN President-Elect Clareen Wiencek: NTI 2016 B 0.5 0.00
NTI16PA AACN President Karen McQuillan: NTI 2016 B 0.5 0.00
C165 Clarification and Mitigation of Ethical Problems Surrounding Withdrawal of Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation B 1.0 0.00
C164 Caring for Adults With Congenital Heart Disease in Pediatric Settings: Challenges and How Nurses Can Aid in the Transition B 1.0 0.00
C1623 Music as Medicine: The Therapeutic Potential of Music for Acute Stroke Patients B 1.0 0.00
A1625023 Bereavement Services Offered in Adult Intensive Care Units in the United States B 1.0 0.00
ACC631 Medication Errors: A Case-Based Review B 1.0 0.00
ACC6312 Moral Resilience: A Capacity for Navigating Moral Distress in Critical Care B 1.0 0.00
C1613 Implementing Electronic Tablet-Based Education of Acute Care Patients B 1.0 0.00
A1625012 Health-Related Quality of Life and Associated Factors in Intensive Care Unit Survivors 6 Months After Discharge B 1.0 0.00
A1625013 Satisfaction With Elimination of all Visitation Restrictions in a Mixed-Profile Intensive Care Unit B 1.0 0.00
C156 Caring for Pediatric Patients’ Families at the Child’s End of Life B 1.0 0.00
C1563 Making It Meaningful: Finding Quality Improvement Projects Worthy of Your Time, Effort, and Expertise B 1.0 0.00
C1552 Overcoming Barriers to Consultation on Palliative Care B 1.0 0.00
C155 Safety First! Using a Checklist for Intrafacility Transport of Adult Intensive Care Patients B 1.0 0.00
C154 Stop the Noise: A Quality Improvement Project to Decrease Electrocardio¬graphic Nuisance Alarms B 1.0 0.00
A152403 Screening Situations for Risk of Ethical Conflicts: A Pilot Study B 1.0 0.00
ACC531 A Case For the Use of Validated Physiological Mortality Metrics to Guide Early Family Intervention in Intensive Care Unit Patients B 1.0 0.00
ACC5312 Ethical Issues in Caring for Patients With Ebola Implications for Critical Care Nurses B 1.0 0.00
A142306 Family Presence during Resuscitation and Invasive Procedures in Pediatric Critical Care: A Systematic Review B 1.0 0.00
C1422 Destination to Nowhere: A New Look at Aggressive Treatment for Heart Failure—A Case Study B 1.0 0.00
C142 Pathophysiological Relationships between Heart Failure and Depression and Anxiety B 1.0 0.25
ACC3342 Alarm Fatigue: A Patient Safety Concern B 1.0 0.00
A132262 Parents’ Report of Child’s Response to Sibling’s Death in a Neonatal or Pediatric Intensive Care Unit B 1.0 0.00
C1353 Improving Family Satisfaction and Participation in Decision Making in an Intensive Care Unit B 1.0 0.00
C1343 Parents’ Responses to Stress in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit B 1.0 0.00
A13222 Safety Culture in Australian Intensive Care Units: Establishing A Baseline For Quality Improvement B 1.5 0.00
C1312 Family Presence in the Adult Burn Intensive Care Unit During Dressing Changes B 1.0 0.00
A122106 Psychological Symptoms of Family Members of High-Risk Intensive Care Unit Patients B 1.0 0.00

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