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A1625052 Implementing an In Situ Mock Code Quality Improvement Program C 1.0 0.00
A152405 Burnout and Resilience Among Nurses Practicing in High-Intensity Settings C 1.0 0.00
C1543 Compassion Satisfaction and Compassion Fatigue Among Critical Care Nurses C 1.0 0.00
NTI14PE AACN President-Elect Teri Lynn Kiss: NTI 2014 C 0.5 0.00
C1413 Adaptation of the AACN Synergy Model for Patient Care to Critical Care Transport C 1.0 0.00
A13226 The Critical Care Work Environment and Nurse-Reported Health Care‚ÄďAssociated C 1.0 0.00
A13223 Rapid Response Teams: Qualitative Analysis of Their Effectiveness C 1.0 0.00
A132222 Moral Distress and Psychological Empowerment in Critical Care Nurses Caring for Adults at End of Life C 1.0 0.00
A1221063 Building a Nursing Productivity Measure Based on the Synergy Model: First Steps C 1.0 0.00

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