Team Sports in Hospitals: Implementing the Complex Protocols of Stroke, TBI, Hypothermia
DaiWai Olson, Mary Kay Bader, Sarah Livesay
Team Sports in Hospitals:  Implementing the Complex Protocols of Stroke, TBI, Hypothermia: Start Activity
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Learning Objectives

At the completion of this program, you will be able to:
  • Relate the essential elements of effective teams and teamwork including communication, leadership, and collaboration.
  • Discuss the development of evidence-based complex patient protocols related to stroke, TBI, and HACA that enables the critical care team to translate the science to the bedside.
  • Identify crucial elements to be included in protocols related to stroke, TBI, and HACA in critical care by anticipating the need for appropriate equipment, monitoring, and educated team members.

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Incorporating complex protocols in hospitals challenges practitioners from various inpatient settings to coordinate the care provided to specific patient populations in need of this therapy. The successful translation and implementation of protocols targeting stroke, traumatic brain injury (TBI), and mild hypothermia after cardiac arrest (HACA) are accomplished by the interdisciplinary team. Team performance is vital to enacting protocols safely and effectively. Protocols provide the framework for the team to use, facilitating the actualization of the evidence-based literature. This presentation focuses on the aspects of teamwork, the protocol development processes, and the implementation of three of the most commonly deployed complex patient protocols in critical care.

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