Beyond the Land of Ice and Snow: Mild Hypothermia
DaiWai Olson
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Learning Objectives

At the completion of this program, you will be able to:
  • Relate the pathophysiogical impact of cardiopulmonary arrest and injury to the brain
  • Identify key physiological and systemic effects of hypothermia on the patient
  • Translate the research on hypothermia to practice
  • Apply the hypothermia protocol interventions to actual case studies.

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The use of moderate hypothermia and temperature control in critical care is increasing. Hypothermia is being implemented in post-cardiac arrest patients. Normothermia is currently recommended in head injury, stroke and spinal cord injury although new research is being conducted at present exploring moderate hypothermia in the neuro related diagnoses. Hypothermia mediates the cellular and chemical processes and aims to reduce dysfunction. This presentation will focus on the use of hypothermia and normothermia to salvage disrupted cerebral and spinal tissue reducing the potentially devastating consequences of the injury. The basic scientific research will be presented examining the use of moderate hypothermia in various populations.

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