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Top Customer Care Questions

Q: I just received a second invoice for my membership and I have already paid and my check has cleared.

A: If you know you have already paid and your check has cleared, your new Member Card with the new dates was probably mailed recently. Please allow 2 weeks from the date your check cleared before you can expect to receive your new Member Card. You may also check My Account to see the most up to date status of your AACN Membership.

Q: I have submitted my certification renewal by mail or fax and I haven't received anything back by mail yet.

A: The normal timeframe for processing is approximately 4-5 weeks. If it has been longer than this and you have not received anything, please email info@aacn.org to inquire, check My Account or call our Customer Care Department at 800-899-2226.

Q: I applied to take a certification exam a few weeks ago but I haven't received anything in the mail or by email. When should I expect to receive something?

A: You can expect to receive a postcard and email authorizing you to schedule your exam from AMP (Applied Measurement Professionals, Inc.) approximately 3-4 weeks after submission of your application. If you have submitted your application online, you should expect the postcard within 2 weeks.

Q: I need fee/date information for the upcoming NTI. When is this information available?

A: Sometime in January of each year the brochure will be available. A flyer with basic information, including fees and dates is available prior to January. If you would like to request a brochure or flyer, please e-mail us at info@aacn.org or call Customer Care at 800-899-2226.

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