CP127 - Collaboration: Providing an Avenue to Practice with Confidence through Education
Primary Author: Kelly Tanner
Co-Author(s): Laura McCall
Institution: Piedmont Carolinas Chapter, Charlotte, NC
Contact Email: Kellywtanner@gmail.com
Purpose: Last year the Piedmont Carolinas Chapter collaborated with area nursing schools, local hospital leaders, and Queens College. After an educational needs assessment, programs were prepared in order to provide pertinent education so that the target audiences would have the tools to practice with confidence. The Piedmont Carolinas Chapter collaborated with the above mentioned organizations in order to create a synergistic relationship to promote life-long learning and excellence.
Description: When the new chapter administration took over the board members committed to uphold and embrace the mission and values of AACN. We did this through program planning, community service and promotion of certification. Our first program educated and supported the Healthy Work Environment standards. Invitations were given to the hospitals chief nursing officers asking them to select members of their team they felt would benefit and support the initiative. The executive editor of the standards, Connie Barden, was our speaker. With our second program we collaborated with Queens College/ Nursing School to provide certification review classes for the CCRN, PCCN and CMC. This was the first offering of this type for our chapter. In order to further collaborate with nursing schools, students are invited to attend our monthly meetings. This provides them an opportunity for professional growth and development as well as an introduction to all a professional organization has to offer. Additionally, in an effort to foster and encourage physician-nurse collaboration, we selected area doctors to speak at our annual spring seminar along with area AACN members.
Evaluation/Outcomes: Twenty hospital leaders assembled for the lecture on Healthy Work Environments. Connie grabbed their attention when she emphasized patient safety and authentic leadership as it relates to these standards. For the certification classes there were a total of 20 participants for the two day event. As a result of the review classes, several nurses have taken the exams and passed. In order to continue the commitment to excellence, our chapter will continue to offer these classes. Student nurses who have been attending our meetings are actively recruited into area critical/ progressive care units. Currently we have 5-6 students per meeting.
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