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Welcome to the NTI Poster Presentation Page where you will find a broad selection of posters selected for display at NTI.

You can browse the Poster Presentations by choosing a Poster Type, or by sorting the Poster Table by Title, Author, Type or Category. Each poster includes a full text abstract.

Poster Type:
CS106 - Rapid Rescuers: Sepsis Survivors Patricia McCabeCreative SolutionCreative Solutions
CS109 - Surviving Sepsis League! Tackling the Sepsis Bundle on the MICU Gridiron Akiko KuboCreative SolutionCreative Solutions
CS91 - Joining Forces, ICU and Acute Care Nurses Avert Disaster through Early Sepsis Recognition and Treatment Tisha NormanCreative SolutionCreative Solutions
CS98 - No Nurse Left Behind: Sharing The Lessons Learned after 4 Years of the Surviving Sepsis Campaign Kirsten SpringerCreative SolutionCreative Solutions
RES5 - Central Venous Oxygen Saturation Levels in Patients with Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock Susan PambiancoResearchResearch
RES8 - Decreasing Sepsis Mortality Rates With an Early Detection Computerized Auto-alert System Darlene BakerResearchResearch
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