Clinical Toolkits

Conveniently packaged, easy-to-use resources for sharing knowledge and implementing new practices

Developed by experienced nurse educators and subject matter experts, AACN Clinical Toolkits are online collections of evidence-based knowledge and resources that simplify sharing of critical learning and implementation of new initiatives in patient care units. Most tools are available in a customizable format that allows editing to meet individual facility needs.

Each toolkit includes topic-specific clinical practice tools as well as resources for initiating change, which may be used to:

  • Further your own knowledge
  • Share with colleagues
  • Present to your unit or hospital leadership
  • Introduce a change initiative
Available Clinical Toolkits
Implementing the ABCDE Bundle at the Bedside
Use the ABCDE Bundle to help prevent the unintended consequences of critical illness.
Strategies for Managing Alarm Fatigue
Reduce the threat of environmental alarms to improve patient safety and workplace effectiveness.

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