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  1. Author: S. Gardner, B. Carter, M. Enzman-Hines, J. Hernandez
    (Book, 1040 pages, 2016)
    ISBN: 9780323320832
    Product#: 128745

    New Edition!

    The leading resource for collaborative critical care for newborns, Merenstein & Gardner's Handbook of Neonatal Intensive Care, 8th Edition provides a multidisciplinary approach and a real-world perspective. It focuses on evidenced-based practice, with clinical directions in color for easy retrieval and review. Special features help you prioritize the steps in initial care.

    Member Price: $85.45 (Non-Member: $89.95)
    Members Save: $4.50 (5%)
    Qty: Qty Available: 9
  2. (Pocket Cards, 2015)
    Product#: 400751

    New Revision for 2015 is here!

    This pocket reference card provides management assistance for a wide variety of patients with changes in cardiac output related to alterations in preload, afterload, contractility, and heart rate.

    Member Price: $2.50 (Non-Member: $5.00)
    Members Save: $2.50 (50%)
    Qty: Qty Available: 4140
  3. (Pocket Cards, 2015)
    Product#: 400758

    New Revision for 2015 is here!

    Characteristics of common dysrhythmias and their identifying rhythm strips can be found on this card.

    Member Price: $2.50 (Non-Member: $5.00)
    Members Save: $2.50 (50%)
    Qty: Qty Available: 3675
  4. Author: AACN
    (Pocket Cards, 2015)
    Product#: 400851

    New Revision for 2015 is here!

    Laminated, foldable pocket reference that offers several methods to calculate concentrations of drugs per ml of fluid delivered.

    Member Price: $2.50 (Non-Member: $5.00)
    Members Save: $2.50 (50%)
    Qty: Qty Available: 4678
  5. Author: AACN, A. Brock
    (E-Learning, 2015)
    Product#: ELDER

    Older adults represent an increasing number of patients in acute and critical care units. The interplay of illness, age, comorbidities, and the effects of hospitalization can have rapidly harmful effects. The evolving nature of care for this complex population requires current, relevant and evidence-based knowledge.

    Member Price: $109.00 (Non-Member: $109.00)
  6. Author: EKG Concepts
    (Poster, 2010)
    ISBN: 798304146837
    Product#: 400891

    Designed for use in large group settings such as training centers, ACLS breakout sessions, classrooms and break rooms.

    Member Price: $91.00 (Non-Member: $96.00)
    Members Save: $5.00 (5%)
    Qty: Qty Available: 4
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