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Featured Products

  1. (Poster, 1 pages, 2016)
    Product#: 100801

    The Critical Care Admixtures Wall Chart reports on the compatibility of IV drugs commonly administered to patients in a critical care setting.

    Member Price: $19.00 (Non-Member: $20.00)
    Members Save: $1.00 (5%)
    Qty: Qty Available: 37
  2. Author: AACN
    Editor: C. Barden
    (Book, 38 pages, 2016)
    ISBN: 9780945812074
    Product#: 130600

    This resource puts forth six essential standards for establishing and sustaining healthy work environments. The standards uniquely identify systemic behaviors that are often discounted, despite growing evidence that they contribute to creating unsafe conditions and obstruct the ability of individuals and organizations to achieve excellence.

    Member Price: $10.00 (Non-Member: $25.00)
    Members Save: $15.00 (60%)
    Qty: Qty Available: 59
  3. Author: AHA, AACN
    (Pocket Cards, 2016)
    Product#: 400862

    This convenient set includes the 3-panel ACLS Cardiac Arrest, Arrhythmias, and Their Treatment card, and the 4-panel ACLS Acute Coronary Syndromes and Stroke card.

    Member Price: $11.95 (Non-Member: $13.25)
    Members Save: $1.30 (10%)
    Qty: Qty Available: 284
  4. (Tote Bags)
    Product#: 402131

    Bright colored, laminated tote featuring the AACN Community logo.  Great for shopping!

    Member Price: $2.00 (Non-Member: $2.00)
    Members Save: $0.00 (0%)
    Qty: Qty Available: 1351
  5. (Recognition Product)
    Product#: 402349

    This iPad® sleeve provides a soft protective cushion for your valuable electronics. Carry as a stand-alone or place inside your favorite bag for complete device protection.

    Member Price: $17.50 (Non-Member: $20.00)
    Members Save: $2.50 (12%)
    Qty: Qty Available: 23
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