What it Means to Go Digital

If you are a member of AACN you receive all three publications — Bold Voices, the American Journal of Critical Care, and Critical Care Nurse — in printed form, but you also receive access to digital editions as a benefit of membership.

Digital editions are like online flipbooks that permit users to begin on the cover and flip through each page of the publication, including ads. It's print without the paper, and we let you know when each issue is ready by sending you an email with a clickable link.

Highlights of going with digital are as follows:

When you go with digital you also have access to journal Web sites and online-only content — such as AJCC's OnlineNOW and the full-text of each Bold Voice interview — but there'll be no more print cluttering up your mailbox.

If you still have questions, call Customer Care at (800) 899-AACN (2226) Monday through Friday, 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM Pacific time.

Digital. It's the new print.