AACN News—July 1998—Research, Creative Solution Abstracts Invited; Presenters Get

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Vol. 15, No. 7, JULY 1998

Reduced registrations are given to authors who are selected to present their Research, Research Utilization, or Creative Solutions abstracts at AACN’s 1999 National Teaching Instituteor Advanced Practice Institute, May 16 through 20 in New Orleans, La.
The first author (or designate) of accepted abstracts will present the work. Presenters receive a $75 reduction in NTI or API registration. All other expenses are the responsibility of the presenter.
September 1, 1998, is the deadline to submit abstracts for the 1999 conference. To obtain abstract forms, call (800) 899-AACN (2226).
Following is information about the abstracts:

Research and Research Utilization
These abstracts can focus on any aspect of critical care nursing research including reports of research studies or reports of research utilization. Only completed abstracts will be accepted.
Abstracts reporting research studies must address the problem statement, methods, sample, instruments, findings, and conclusions. Abstracts reporting research utilization studies must address (1) the summary literature on which the practice change is based, (2) methods of implementation and evaluation, and (3) impact on clinical practice.
Accepted abstracts will be designated as either an oral presentation or a poster presentation.

Creative Solutions
These abstracts focus on a specific strategy to solve a difficult, unique, or interesting problem in patient care, nursing practice, nursing management, or nursing education. Examples are patient care studies, workplace transition strategies, ways to improve the quality of care, professional development, unique approaches to education, ways to improve the intensive care environment, ways to integrate the family into critical care, orientation strategies, preventive health strategies, and collaborative or interdisciplinary projects.
The creative solution must already have been implemented, with outcomes evaluated.
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