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Vol. 15, No. 9, SEPTEMBER 1998

In response to feedback from nurses, coverage under the AACN-supported nursing professional liability insurance plan has been expanded by Maginnis & Associates.

Working with the underwriter, Maginnis was able to make adjustments in the following areas:

• Licensing Board Defense Coverage—increases limits for legal counsel representation to investigate or defend proceedings before any entity responsible for regulating professional conduct

• Deposition Expense Reimbursement—provides new coverage for legal defense when an insured is not named in a suit but is required to be deposed, for example, as a witness

• Reimbursement for Lost Wages—increases limits when an insured’s attendance is required by the company at legal proceedings

• Assault Coverage—increases limits and expands coverage to include travel to and from the workplace

• Leave of Absence Option—now available for leaves ranging from 30 days to 6 months

• Locum Tenens Coverage—allows another professional temporarily assuming the insured’s duties for a specific period of time to share in the coverage limits of the professional being replaced

• Entity Coverage and Separate Annual Aggregate Limits—now available to group practices for each professional member

In addition, the policy review resulted in rate adjustments, with several nursing practice areas now qualifying for rate reductions. A part-time premium credit is also now available to qualified nurses and nurse practitioners, and a premium credit has been added for group practices.

For more information about changes in this plan, call the Professional Liability Department at Maginnis & Associates, (800) 621-3008, ext. 105.

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