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Vol. 24, No. 2, FEBRUARY 2007

NTI Certification Highlights

Certification Celebration Reception and Dinner
This year’s Certification Celebration has moved to a new night—Tuesday, May 22—with a brand-new addition. A reception with a cash bar will give you a chance to relax, chat with colleagues and enjoy your favorite beverage before the dinner festivities begin. The event will include recognition, prize drawings and more. Tickets may be purchased with NTI registration or onsite at the registration desk. The dinner will be co-sponsored by Hill-Rom and Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, in partnership with AACN Certification Corporation. Nurses who are currently certified as an ACNP, CCNS, CCRN, PCCN, CMC or CSC or who are CCRN Alumni may attend.

CCRN, CCNS, PCCN and CMC Exam Reviews
AACN will offer preconferences to help participants prepare for the CCRN, CCNS, PCCN and CMC examinations. Two-day Adult CCRN, Pediatric/Neonatal CCRN, PCCN and CMC exam review courses will be held Saturday and Sunday, May 19 and 20. A full-day CCNS exam preparation conference will be offered Sunday, May 20.

Certification Oasis
Sponsored by Clarian Health in partnership with AACN Certification Corporation, the Certification Oasis provides ACNP, CCNS, CCRN, PCCN, CMC and CSC certified nurses and CCRN Alumni a place to catch a quiet moment between sessions and enjoy light refreshments and conversation with colleagues. Individuals interested in becoming certified are invited to stop by and speak with representatives of the AACN Certification Corporation. Information sessions will be scheduled throughout the week to provide updates about our specialty and subspecialty nursing certifications and Renewal by CERPs and Synergy CERPs programs.

Meet the AACN Certification Board of Directors
The AACN Certification Corporation Board of Directors would like to hear about your experiences with our certification programs and share with you our progress in promoting excellent patient care through specialty nursing certification. Please join us for these informal gatherings at the Certification Oasis. Look for dates and times posted at the Oasis when you arrive at NTI.

Certification Sessions
Creating a Culture of Certification: Best Practice Roundtable. Ticketed session; limited to 50 participants. Join the AACN Certification Corporation Board of Directors and staff on Tuesday, May 22 from 4 to 5:15 p.m. for this new interactive session designed to facilitate sharing of best practices in creating a culture of certification. This session is a time for participants to learn from one another about what strategies have been most successful in moving organizations and individuals to excellence through specialty nursing certification. Board and staff members will also participate, sharing what they have learned from chapters, ambassadors and institutions across the country that have led successful efforts to rally support for certification and a resulting increase in the number of certified nurses in their sphere of influence. If you have implemented a program that has shown promising results, please come share your experience with others who have done the same.

Certified Nurses Improve Outcomes of Cardiac Surgery Patients
At this session, to be held Wednesday, May 23 from noon to 1:15 p.m., speakers will share quality process improvement findings from the Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) Cardiovascular Centers of Excellence Program that support the assumption that the education and certification of nursing staff improves patient outcomes.

CERPs Offered for SAEs

The CCRN and PCCN Self-Assessment Exams offer Category A CERPs (in both the current CERPs program and in the new Synergy CERPs program) toward certification renewal when a current certificant passes the SAE with a score of 70% or higher. Earn 15 CERPs for the CCRN SAE and 12 CERPs for the PCCN SAE. For more information, visit www.certcorp.org,
click on Products and Courses, then select CCRN or PCCN Self-Assessment Exam.

Paper and Pencil Exam Application Deadlines Quickly Approaching

Paper and pencil exams for the CCRN, PCCN, CCNS, CMC and CSC will be given at the following events this spring:
Spring Trends 2007 Conference in Philadelphia on Friday, April 20. The deadline to submit Trends exam applications to AACN is Friday, March 9.
NTI 2007 in Atlanta on Monday, May 21. NTI exam applications are due to AACN by Tuesday, April 3.

Handbooks and applications for the exams will be posted at www.certcorp.org > What’s New. If you cannot access the online materials, call (800) 899-2226 and request that a copy be sent to you via e-mail.

Congratulations Newly Certified Nurses

The following nurses achieved certification in 2006.

Brenda C. Anderson, Mary Kay Bader, Manisa P Baker, Gennifer Lane Baker, Jennifer M. Bannon, Deborah L. Barnes, Kimberly G. Bishop, Kathryn Blackman, Donna C. Bond, Elisabeth G. Bradley, Marylee R. Bressie, Kathryn A. Brush, Abigail Butts, Maryori Carmona, David M. Cassella, Siew Lee Cheng, Deborah A. Clinton Jordan, Sherry F. Cole, Marian Conway Soat, John N Crane, Mary Ann Crow, Mary Lu Daly, Kimberly Lynne DeEugenio, Melissa M. Dinsmore, Angela M Dougherty, LT NC, Carrie R. Doyle, Michele Lee Dye, June M Edwards, DeAnn Jo Faragoi, Mary E. Freyling, Marie C. Garrido, Mareeka Geerdes-Bachuss, Kimberly Marie Geslak, Diane S. Greene, Dawnetta K. Grimm, Jodie Lee Grout, Bess E. Hannigan, Jane Harper, Kelly Jane Harris, Stacey G. Hart, Kiersten Henry, April C Hill, Alesa Hobson, Patricia Hogan, Linda M. Hoke, Cynthia L. Holt, Steven Jay Hooker, Tanya A. Huff, Anne E. Hysong, Kristine Jacobson, David H James, Nicole T. Judice, Marie Jean Kelley, Kathi D. Kesner, Kathy Kunkler, Janice Lanham, Andrea M. Lee, Rose K. Lee, Geneva D. Llewellyn, Anne K. Lum, LeRoy Marklund, Jeanne B. Marston, Christina R. Maupin, Paula E. Mayket, Jennifer Michelle McCord, Mary Ellen McDonough, Ann M. McLaughlin, Ann Marie McSwain, Noel E. Medeiros, John J. Melvin, Leah L. Moran, Jana L. Nohrenberg, Alicia Pettis, Joya D. Pickett, Lorissa G. Plis, Katey L. Purgason, Melanie Roberts, Dana M. Samways, Kathy Savell, Lynne M. Scott, Elizabeth A. Scruth, Maureen A. Seckel, Sarah K. Shingleton, Rebecca A. Smith, Kara A Snyder, Tara O. Spears, Diane L. Stace, Brenda F. Styles, Nancy N. Taylor, Kristiana L. Tranum, Lowryanne Vick, Tadsaung Tania Von Visger, Amy R. Westbrook, Susan L. Yamamoto.

Susan Bedwell, Michelle Marie Fleiner, Linda J Juretschke, Ashley C. Logan, Jackie S. Martin, Melissa D. Steger.

Michele L. Avila-Emerson, Susan K. Jones, Mariam I Kayle, Kathryn E. Roberts, Tammy L. Schena.

Amy Aaselund, Ophelia Abankwah, Benedick Carillo Abaya, Amanda Ellen Abbas, Philip Michael Abenojar, Janice H. Abernathy, Rebecca P Abeyta, Maria Abounader, Susamma Abraham, Marfil Abundo Caguin, Clandestine P Acacio, Mary Therese C Acfalle, Annette M Acker, Cynthia A. Ackerman, Melda V. Acorda, Marivi B Acosta, Eugenio L Acosta, Claudia R Acuna, Sandra M. Adair, Clay Sterling Adam, Barbara A. Adams, Agnes C. Adams, Pamela J. Adams, S Todd Adams, Jennifer Lynn Adams, Rachel V Adams, Jennifer C Addvensky, Erik W Adland, Jacqueline Delaine Adrian, Jean R Afante, Marifi G Agabao, Ma Corazon Freires Aggabao, Lycia Aguiar, Edgardo C. Aguila, Jenny P. Aguirre, Gary Root Agustin, SeonKyung Ahn, Diane G. Aho, Laura G Aiello, Andrea Sharon Ailes, Jacob W Ainsworth, Steven W Akerley, Angela L Albers, Susan M Albrecht, Christopher Neal Albritton, Amy Raqueal Albritton, Airene De Guia Albutra, Candida Ramos Alegre, Sharron Lee Alejandria, Nancy D Alexander, Aris T Alfajardo, Frances Alfaro, Reuben C Alimbuyao, Michael P Allain, William H. Allbritton, Jr, Sue A. Allen, Clara Melissa Allen, Leigh Wallace Allen, Colette Allen, Corina B. Allen, Elizabeth Mary Allen, Jill Suzzane Allen, Angela M Allen, Desiree Candice Allinson, Jared M Allred, Jennifer R. Al-Noubani, Marilyn M Alonso, Nwabufo Augustus Alor, Von I Alvarado, Tamara L. Alvarez, Gisela Alvarez, Ahmad Amirdash, Margie E. Amity, Karin L. Anderson, Kathleen Renee Anderson, Betty L Anderson, Jeanne E. Anderson, Gena G. Anderson, Eileen J Anderson, Alison Marie Anderson, Marjorie L. Anderson, Richard E Anderson, Karen F Anderson, Chris L Anderson, Jacqueline A Anderson, Susan Anding, Jessica Ann Andras, Tina Marie Andreacchi-Misa, Jennifer L. Andreoli, Karen Joy Andresen, Dana Robin Andrews, Anna M Andrews, Jason Christie Andrews, Kimberly Lynn Andrews, Craig E Andrews, Molly J. Andrews, Vivien Jean Ang, Teresa Maria Angat, Carol A Angelillo, Michael D Anjema, Joseph Annakutty, Mary Jane Boydon Annang, Marybeth Annett, Chris S Anshutz, Roseann M Antczak, Ingrid J. Anthony, Jasmine V. Antoney, Jhoanna M. Antonio, Daphney Marie Anudon, Raymundo Mintac Apellido, Carla Stephanie Aquino, Molly A. Arau, Adam B Archibald, Recaredo Glenn Badal Arco, III, Lina F Ardiente, Randi Lynn Arendall, Mamoona R Arif, Marcie L Armel, Daryl L Armstrong, Gail A Arndt, Marsha L Arnett, Robert Arno, Steven R Arnold, Christianah T Arowora, John Arredondo, Maureen Mary C Arriola, Hollie Anne Arsenault, Jennifer A. Arvan, Rebecca L Ashcraft, Jamie M Ashe, Lacie S Asher, Rochelle Reyes Ashworth, Shannon L. Askren, Sarah Ann Assaf, Sophia Assem, Aven Aston, Kerri-Anne Atchison, Sarah L Atkinson, Peter J Attilio, Aaron L Atwood, Christina Atzbach, Warlita Au, Michele L Augustin, Jill A Augustine, Christine M Augustyniak, Lisa L Austin, Robert Austin, Seth H Austin, Amy M Austin, LaTania Austin, Davis R Austria, Jenny Lynn Auttonberry, Hilda Avalos, Esther Marie Avellar, Martha Avila-Adame, Andres E Ayala, Lynn C. Ayers, Jean M. Ayers, Nahason K Ayunga, Brooke A. Baal, Myrna Reynoso Babao, Tisha L Babcock, David Omar Bacallao, Melanie C. Baccoli, Allanah M Bachman, Kathy K. Backer, Adebimpe Z Badru, Jin Hui Bae, Teresa J Baer, Michael Baeza, Galia Bagdasarov, Tiffany Baggs, Krista L. Baginski, Chad Aaron Bagley, David A Bahia, Jr., Sherry A Bahr, Jodell Kay Bahr, Jeanette H. Bailey, Cynthia A. Bailey, Margaret G Bailey, Nicholas A Baird, Johnny Bairos, Sheila J Baisden, Douglas R Bakeler, Craig S. Baker, Sherry L. Baker, Lynn M. Baker, Manisa P Baker, Cesta L Baker, Joseph Patrick E Balao, Hazel T. Balatbat, Accursia A Baldassano, Rebecca A. Baldwin, Lydia H. Baldwin, Carol Bales, Michael J. Ballenger, Young-Anne L Balser, Jeanette Bamburg, Diony Preza Banez, Sandra Banfill, Karla Marie Baning, Shawn Bannister, Natasha L Banoub, Blanca I Banuelos, Stephanie A. Baraona, Lorraine L. Barham, Elsa M Barilec, Rosanta M Barker, Sarah J Barker, Bethanie Rae Barone, Lisa Barrale, Robert Steven Barrett, Jessica M Barrett, Delton Lamont Barron, Flora Barrowman, Kathleen M. Barta, Tanya N. Bartley, Rebecca M Barton, Viktoria Bartusov, Lori L Bashline, Thomas Basil, Anthony Basile, Carrie Lee Bass, Mary A Bassalin, Damiun T Bassandeh, Martha Batavia, Nancy J Bates, Cynthia A Bates, Stacy L Bates, Amy L Bates, Kimberly S. Bates, Marjorie L. Batten, Elizabeth Faye Baugus-wellmeier, Jody L Baum, Susan M Bauman, Nancy Catherine Baumhover, Beatriz S. Bautista, Marita C Bautista, Tracy D Baxter, Marc Sonny Aswit Baybay, Kerri Elizabeth Bayer, Mark Andrew Bayless, Heidi Modeste Bayoro, Mary Patricia Beach, Betsy J Beach, Sara Christina Beal, Erica Kathleen Bean, Marisa B Bearden, Patricia A. Bearish, Julie M Beauchamp, Debra Elaine Beaulieu, John S. Bechtel, Arleen Carol Beck, Courtney Beth Beck, Jodie K. Becker, Jacqueline Becker, Kelly L Becker, Misty L. Becker, Donald C. Beckley, Karen M. Beckman, Amy R Bedan Poff, Jael Z. Bedsole, Ren Bee, Amy M Beebe, Heather L Beere, Mary K Beers, John C Begin, Richelle B Bejarin, Laura N. Belcher, Algier S Belin, Andrew D Bell, Elinor Black Bell, Colleen G Bell, Kristen M Bello, Sarah J. Bellows Mahler, Nicole E Bellus, Andrea M Belmares, Deborah R Ben-Abu, Lance Benedict, Gavin W. Bennett, Debra E Bennett, Catherine E. Bennett, Kelly K Bennett, Nora J Bennett, Emelita Bennett, D Melanie Bennett, Jeremy W. Benninger, Christopher R Bentley, Dwight David Bentley, Lisa M. Benton, Daisy Benzy, Loretta M Beorlegui, Janie Bereznay, Marcia Bergen, Patricia E. Bergey, Melissa A. Bergin, Vicki Bergquist, Debbie K. Berkley, Pamela L Berman, Jennifer L Bernardi, Suzanne Linn Bernardi, Katherine M Bernas, Margaret M Bernazzani, Jodi Lisbeth Berndt, Jennifer Rose Berntson, Janeen F Berrier, Bonnie J. Berryman, Kristen Joy K Bertiz, Diane R Best, Lorraine L. Bethay, Liza Marie Bethel, Nicole C. Betts, Gina Elaine Betts, Brenda S. Beverly, Imelda M. Bhe-Melody, Guiling Bi, Barbara A. Bianco, Tina A. Biberdorf, John G Bice, Cheryl A. Bieber, Darlene Ann Bielski, Cilicia M Bigler, Eris Bill, Katherine Elizabeth Billman, Theresa R Bilse-Kraft, Misty D Binkney, Melisa A Birkey, Barbara J Bishop, Eugenia Bishop, Joseph O Bissah, Trent W. Bitz, Jennifer L Black, Angela H Blackburn, Stephanie Anne Blackburn, Regina L. Blake, Jesse L Blake, Robin D. Blalock, Blaine Blanchard, Kathleen M Blanchfield, Alicia R Blankendaal, Stacy L Blankenship, Mary G Blankenship, Thomas M Blanton, Sherry J. Blatti, Stacie L Blay, Sheila A. Bleakney, Joyce Bleil, Cheri S. Blevins, Christopher Mark Blevins, Robert W. Blodgett, Angela S Blokzyl, Christopher W Blomberg, Karen S. L. Bloom, Tiffany A Bloomfield, Laura A Blume, Lisa S Blumenfeld, Rose Ann Bobak, Kenneth Jason Bober, Mary Eileen Bobik, Lidia Bochenek-Cobb, Sherri Lynette Bock, Tana L Bock, Lorraine D. Boehm, Marilyn L Boehmer, Lynda L. Bogan, Jennifer S. Boice-Rainer, Michael D Boin, Christina Marie Bokern, Sheila Rolanda Gamboa Bolanos, Jo-Ann M. Bolante, Ronda L Bolgrean, Leslie D. Bolin, Yancy Kay Bolles-Clarkson, Arlene M. Bolotin, Cynthia L. Bond, Tamarah Smith Bonds, Raymond L. Bonds, Christine M. Bone, Preciosa S. Bongat, Debby Bonnell, Lorraine K. Bonnette, Julie Alane Bonnot, Purificacion L. Bonzon, Joan Elyse Boppel-Lahr, Jean-Marie Bosch, Lela Victoria Bosi, Karen M. Bostrom, Angelo T Bote, Anne Boucard, Kathryn A Boudreau, Anthony D Boudreaux, Judith Boulay-Ganthier, Johanna Bounous, Sharon A Bouras, Brian N Bourgeois, Daniel M Bourque, Julie A Bowen, Lisa A Bowen-Bender, Vickie Mae Bowers, Julie A Bowersock, LaVeta Bowker, Aron William Bowlin, Andrew J. Bowman, Michael C Bowman, Jacquelyn Y Boyd, Amy M Boyd, Courtney L Boyer, June D. Brackett, Rhonda M Bradford, Melynda M Bradham, Steven J. Bradley, Kimberly Ann Bradshaw, Sharon Bragg, Joseph J Brake, Ellen Marie Bramble, Timothy M. Brand, Lydia S Brandes, Angela Jill Brandolino, Amber Michelle Brandt, Julie Brandt, Jennifer L. Branham, Bethany Carol Brannen, Karen D. Bransten, Rupinder Kaur Brar, Susan C. Braud, Mary Alice Braun, Molly Ann Braun, Lisa F Braund, Milaura Bravo, Mary B Bray, Christine M. Bray, Chelsea Beth Bray, Bryan P Bray, Malina O Brayboy, Krista M. Breden, Brian M. Brennan, Joseph J Brennan, Rachel E Brennan, Lisa M Brennan, Heidi Lynn Brewer, Brenda Carol Brewer, Amanda Gail Bridges, Monica D Bridges, Mariah E Briggs, Craig V Briggs, Robin Denise Brigham, Marie L. Bringhurst, Donna B. Brinkel, Laura A. Brinkley, Melissa Leann Britt, Marion Jacqueline Brittain, Michelle M. Broge-Connor, Donna T. Brom, Jason E. Bromirski, Robert J. Bromley, James M. Brooks, Meredith L Broome, Scott W Broughton, Jennifer L Brower, Helen F. Brown, Patricia A. Brown, Reginald T. Brown, Nancy S. Brown, Melissa Anne Brown, Amy K Brown, Julie M. Brown, Leslie H Brown, Christina E. Brown, Pamela Marie Brown, Lisa D Brown, Mary E. Brown, Rebecca L Brown, Melissa Browning, Jill Renee Brubaker, JoAnn R Brubaker, Vicki Ann Bruce, Kira D Bruce, Susan Louise Bruce, Jennifer Marie Bruck, Katrina Ann Brugaletta, Rochelle B. Brumfield, Keesha N. Bruno, Allison Theresa Bruno, Lori V Brush, Camille A Bryan, Francesca Bryan, Holly A. Bryant, Kimberly Michelle Bryant, Cory M Bryant, Karen M. Bryson, Tamara Suzette Bryson, Victoria L. Buchanan, Pamalea Lynn Buchwald, Brenda J. Buckhaulter, Teresa Mae Buckman, Jaine C Buenafe, Lei L Buendia, Joanie K Buettner, Cathy C Buhlman, Tracene L. Buhrmann, Tricia M Buice, Jacqueline R. Bulanow, Amanda D Bull, Ok K. Bullard, Keinisha M Bullard, Jody L Bullman, Janice K Bullock-Moore, Ken Bullwinkle, Elizabeth Bunch, Heather Lyn Bunkley, Sherri L Bunsick, Vernon L. Buntin, Cathy L. Bunton, Mary Ann D. Burbach, Amelia Monica Burciu, Amanda Leigh Burden, Margaret A. Burdziak-Daniels, Daniel Mark Burghart, Joseph R Burke, Marian Burke, Brandi Burkett Love, Dawn Renee Burkhalter, Ruth Burkman, Sarabeth F Burlew, James Neil Burmeister, Chana E Burnette, Michelle L. Burque, Janet L Burress, Roni P Bursch, Sandra Lee Burt, Jennifer D. Burton, Lisa L Bushmire, Erin M Butler, Theresa K Butler, Christy N Butler, Christina Angela Butler, Denise N. Butler, Thomas D Butler, Emily A Button, R. Eileen Butz, Dana J Buus, Donald Buzbee, Dawson B. Cabbage, Divina Grace C. Caburao, Milagros Roela C Cadacio, John C Cahill, Karen A Cain, Rebecca P Cain, Roderick A. Calandria, Sean Wayne Calder, Julia M. Callahan, Ashley Nichole Callonas, Christina C. Camden, Cassidy S. Camino, Jessica L. Campbell, Irby L. Campbell, Crystal Marie Campbell, Amy A Campbell, Tammy A. Campbell, Mireya Canchola, Lisa Marie Canecchia, Tammy L Canfield, Carolyn Schneider Cannard, Richard B. Canning, Patricia M. Cannon, Pamela Kay Cannon, Anne Cannon, Kristin Rosemary Cantrell, Elva M Cantu, Candace F. Cantwell, Elvira B. Capalos, Frank Caparelli, Jennifer Josephine Capello, Mary E Caputo, Thomas J Card, Julie Carda, Christina M Cardillo, Meagan Marijean Cargill, Katharine Rose L. Carlos, Jennifer R. Carlson, Diana T. Carmona, Rodney Vince Carpenter, Michael W Carpenter, Betty Anne A Carpiso, Maria Emmaline Silvestre Carrasco, Ronald N Carrick, Christina E Carrigan, Donna A. Carroll, Amanda V Carroll, Sarah Jaclyn Carruthers, Karen G. Carson, Sharon Leann Carter, Sarah L Carter, Lisa Carter, John M Carter, Kerriann M. Carthy, Lindsey M. Casey, Heidi A Casillas, Mary Kay Cassidy, Joan A. Cassidy, Elizabeth A. Cassimore, Megan C Cassotto, Deborah S. Castellucci, Matthew N. Castens, Maria L. Castillo, Teresita Castillo, Maria Sherly Castro, Michelle S. Caszatt, Nimfa M Catalan, Carey Catania, Hillary B Catlin, Stephanie L Catton, Tina M. Catyb, Eugene M Cauvin, Mark S. Cazier, Ma Rosario I Celestial, Kathleen Renee Cendrowski, Patricia C Cerulli, Cynthia A. Ceynar, Enmaria Chacon, Shannon D. Chalk, Beth A. Chamberlin, Tammy Chambers, Cheryl L. Chambers, Tyra L. Chan, Margaret E Chandler, Tami Denise Chaney, Melissa R. Chapin, Lori A. Chapman, Cindy A. Chappas, Marien S. Chappell, Hana Chappell, Tricia L. Charise, Nora J Charles, Gregory W Chase, Michael J. Chastant, K. Fiona Chatfield, Bobby D Chelette, Hayley Renee Chemski, Doris Chen, Catherine F. Cheney, Diane K Cherek, Annmary Thomas Cherian, Brenda Chessick, Amy Cheung-Taylor, Patricia M. Childers, Amber R Childress, Frances B Childress, Hazel Falalimpa Chin, LeAnn J. Chisholm, Lisa A. Chludzin
ski, Suyun Cho, Nita Choau, Misoon Choi, Myounghee Choi, Jang R Choi, Min Choi, Hyeunsook Chon, Kristen M Chreiman, Debra L Chrissinger, Amy M Christeleit, Rexline Stella Christy-Aloysious, Ramira V Chua-Pioquinto, Valerie E. Chukelu, Nicolle M. Chun, Lisa M. Ciarlo, Nancy Ann Agnes Ciavarella, Margaret Susan Ciccone, Judith A. Ciesla, Kristine N. Cino, Georgiann Ciortan, Brandi Renee Ciufi, Celia F Clarete, Crystal C. Clark, Judith M. Clark, Courtney B. Clark, Crystal S. Clark, Chanita R. Clark, Catherine E. Clark, Sharon D Clark, Amanda Gale Clark, Jennifer S. Clark, Cathy L. Clark, Jessalynn P Clark, Glinda Clark, Lowell K Clark, Mary Lynn Clarke, Donna Clarkson, Brenda K. Clatworthy, Annette K Clausen, Gesine Gay Clavaton, Febe S Clavecilla, Virginia R Clay, Paula M Clay, Deshaun R Claytor, Angela Cleckler, Rachel C Clemons, Jeannette A. Cleofe, Alyssa W Cleveland, Victoria L. Clines, Jenny Cloud, Susan U Coach, Kristin R. Coady, Suzanne Cochrane, Tammie S Cochrane, Robin A Cofer, Mary M. Colanero, Regina M. Cole, Michelle Y Cole, Cynthia E Coleman, Katrina J. Coleman, Imelda Aura S. Colinares, Neil A. Colinayo, Gina Marie Collier, Elizabeth Anne Collier, Debra A. Collins, Jason J Collins, Adam D Collins, Jodi A Coltes, Deborah J. Colvin, Karen Renee Comeaux, Julie Ann Conger, Greg L Conley, Matthew G. Conn, Annette M. Connell, June Elizabeth Connolly, John D. Connolly, Melissa B. Connolly, Lawrence J. Connor, Janet M Conrad, Debra L Conrad, Tania M. Conroy, Mary Elizabeth Conway, Erskine G. Cook, Jr., Elizabeth Ann Cook, Julie A Cook, Kelly L. Coombs, Antoinette Cooney, Barbara Cooper, Nilfy Cooper, Emily J Cooper, Kristy M Cooper, Paul D Cooper, Cynthia S. Copeland, Beverly Copoulos, Pamela L Corbett, Teresa J Corbitt, Holli Blakeley Cordell, David Cordero, Kelly S Cornacchione, Craig A. Cornelison, Stephanie C. Correa, Diane M. Corrie, Nanci R. Corrigan, Lauren B. Cortese, Gary M Corum, Amy Suzanne Cosby, Barbara Costanzo, Theresa G Cotter, Theresa M Cotter, Suzanne Lee Cottle, Sara M. Cotton, Kenshasa Cotton, Michelle Marie Coughlin, Sarah E. Courneya, William Jeffrey Coursey, Tracy A Courtenay, Katheryn A Courville, Kimberly L Cowan, Robyn L Cowan, Susan M. Cowderoy, Thomas M. Cowing, John Victor Cowley, Jennifer Lasiter Cox, Leslie D Cox, Robert A Coxwell, Jenny M Coy, Allison L Crabtree, Jonathan D Crafton, Mary A. Craig, Melissa A. Craig, Anjeanette Crandall, Regina G. Crane, Tiffany S. Crane, Stacy C Crane, Carey B. Cranmer, David A Crawford, Catherine Ann Crawford-Cline, Christina M Cray, Patricia N. Crescenzi, Wade D. Crews, Jonas J Cricket, Kerry Ann Crisalli, Gayla R Crisler, Elizabeth A Criss, Andrea R. Crittenden, Mary K Crittenden, Beth Courville Crochet, Gary Lee Cromer, Joyce Dickerson Crook, Cindy K Crookham, Melissa L Crossette, Ruth Ann P Crowe, Kristen M. Crower, Heather L Crowl, Laura Crowley, Sharon K. Crowley, Jill M Crozier, Joseph Jerome G Cruz, Edgar Allen Cruz, Cheryl Cruz, Olga N. Cruz-Decos, Melissa Johanna Csiha-Long, Carol Lyn Balud Cubero, Jamie Lee Culley, Jodi A Cundy, Debra L Cunningham, Patrick A Cunningham, Kari Cunningham, Jennifer Cupples, Merissa K. Curley, John Edward Curran, Jeffrey Scott Curren, Ronnie K Currie, Steve Blaine Curry, Jennifer L Curry, Jocelyn G Curtin, Kathy J Cusano, Karen L Cushman, Lori Cutrell, Deborah L Cutrer, Ferah Cyril, Philomena Czarnecki, Stephanie L Czel, Corrine Czichas, Lisa A. Czyzniejewski, Ophelia O. Dacosta-Green, Dale W. Dagenhardt, Abigail M D'Agostino, Charlene D. D'Agostino Gozony, Corry L Dahl, Peter J Dahlberg, Joann M. Dahle, Ellen M Daignault-Cerullo, Bente S Dalby, Aissa Nerissa Dalogdog, Lisa Marie Dalton, Joanne A Dalusung, Corie L Damato, Patricia Anne Damento, Jennifer A. Dameron, Kay Lynn Damron, Crystal Dang, Heather C Daniel, Mary A Daniels, Craig A. Dann, Igor E. Danshin, Beth Darrow, Jill S. Darzentas, Susan M Datlow, Wendy Daugherty, Patrick David Daughtry, Tani D. Davenport, Janette L. Davenport, Linda F Davenport, Julie A. Davidson, Susan C. Davidson, Deborah Ann Davidson, Lisa J Davies, Susan A. Davies, Janet E. Davis, Kimberley B. Davis, Rebecca S. Davis, Steve A. Davis, Sheryl Davis, Deidra A. Davis, Nicole E Davis, Chad E Davis, Rhiannan Davis, Ramon J Davis, Tracy A Davis, Dollie M Davis, Kimberly Lynne Davis, Nathan Jim Davis, Debra L Davis, Ginger Ann Davis, Lori G Davis, William A Davis, Sara Nore Davis, Kimberly A Davis, Beverly A. Day, Donald Neal Day, Juliana Marie De Borba, Agnes D. De Guzman, Ivy Aguilon De Guzman, Natalie Brianna de Haas-Rowland, Eric Rene De Hoyos, Carlina S D De Leon, Cora E Deakins, Pearlena Dean-Ramsay, Shannon D Deaton, Summer Dawn DeBastiani, Genevieve G. DeBeaumont, Dawna Christine Deblieux, Scott L. DeBoer, Jason M Debruycker, Karen S. Decatur, Janet Pamela DeCelles, Joanne M Decembrino, Laura A Decker, Amy B Decker, Susan Decker, Elizabeth Merrie Decroupet, Michael J DeGennaro, Rebecca D. Degler, Deborah A. DeGraba, Cherry Amigable Degracia, Margaret A deGrandpre', Josi N. Dehaven, Gail H Dehghani-Sanich, Deborah Susan Deja, Benjamin P. Del Frari, Regel R. Del Mundo, Venniever Del Rosario, Deanna L. Del Valle, Elaine Delahoz, Trinette N Delaney, Operia S. Delgado, Joseph T. Delino, Jennifer L. Dell, Ronald A Dellavalle, Beatriz A DeLuca, Erika Demars, Susan L Denardo, Lana S. DeNicola, Alan A Dennis, Janice M Dennison, Michelle L DePalmo, Karen E Derrer, Cynthia L. Deschenes, Cynthia Guico Desierto, Diana M Desso, Diane L DeStefano, Scott Thomas Detiveaux, Hans G Deurer, Cindy M. Deviney, Stacy L DeVol, Richelle Dexter, Fazila Bibi Di Giulio, Laura L Dial, Teresa A Diamond, Christopher J DiBagio, David V Dick, Patricia L Dierks, Maria Agnes Diesta-Acbo, Alisa Dietz, Eric N Dilg, Jocelyn B Dimatulac, Melissa A Dimond, Josephine A. Din, Jana L Dinsmore, Mary A Dion, Francesco DiPierro, Kristin Anne Disandro, Valerie A DiSanti, Dawn S. Distelcamp, Allison Marie Dittus, Kimberly J Ditzler, Shantell D Dixon, Rachel A. Dixon, Ellen D. Dizon, Joe L. Dobelbower, Susan R Dobies, Heather L Dodge, Carol Doehner, Sandra S Domagala, Barbara I. Domanski, Luisa Dominado, Amalia F Domingo, Michelle Domingues, Mark A. Donaghy, Patricia Ann Donahoe, Darcy A. Donaldson, Dawnyel C Donaldson, Roderick Modelo Donato, Karen M Donegan, Carol A. Donovan, Susan Lynn Donston, C. Jay Doran, Tricia N Dotson, Diane M. Doty, Rene M Doubrava, Samuel Z. Douglas, Ben C Douglas, Jennifer M Douthwaite, Michele L Downing, Dawn M. Drahnak, Helene W Drees, Ethel L Drew, Jennifer B. Drexler, Michael C. Druke, Suzanne Marie Drum, Kimberley Kay Drury, Kimberly K DuBois, Michael E. Duca, Julie R Duchateau, Steven E Duckstein, Sarah K. Duckworth, Loren E. Dudley, Sue S Duff, Molly M Duffey, John D Duft, Scott Charles Dugas, Kristopher G. Duggan, Pamela Jo Duin, Tara R Dulac, Stephanie Dulian, Michael A Dumpert, Mary Jane Gallardo Dunaway, Donna S Dunbar, Angela W. Duncan, Jardine B Duncan, Laura Duncan, Laurel Ann Dunlap, Lesa Dunn, Steven M Dunn, Julie A. Dunseith, Paula M Dunskis, Nicole Jeanne Dupree, Teresa Ann Duquette-Frame, Nancy Duran, Tina Duran-Hall, Jobina Else-maria Durant, Amy L Dusky, Patricia K. Dussetschleger, Vanessa Dutchin, Carol A. Dworkin, Rebecca L. Dwyer, Agatha Christie Obispo Dy, Frances Lasam Dy, Jose J. Dy Bunpin, III, Pamela Sue Dyer, Andrea Maud Earle, Carole J Eatock, Priscilla Eaton, Charles L Eaton, Jr., Barbara C Eaton, David P. Eavenson, Tara M. Eaves, Jennifer L Eberly, Maria Bella Ebuen, David B. 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Faulk, Rochelle R Fausneaucht, Beth D Faust, Kathleen P. Fava, Sarah L Fazz, Marcia E. Fearon, Kyra E. Fedetz, Katarina Malaika Feeley, Rachel A. Fehl, Erika Ann Fehrenbach, Melinda S Fehrenbach, Juanita M. Fehrman, Robert S Feinberg, Elizabeth Feldmann, Judith A Fenno, Sandra M Fenton, Priscilla A. Ferguson, April S. Ferguson, Veronica Tumangan Fernandez, Rosalinda Fernandez, Gina Marie Ferrante, Rachel J Ferraro, Norma S Ferrer-Pilarta, Wanda D. Fields, Carmen L Fields, Jodi Alyn Fife, Christopher G. Finch, Denise F. Finch, Janet L. Finer, Yvonne R Finger, Marjorie Finney, Amelia T Fiore, Christina Raye Fisher, Jill Christine Fisher, Donna B Fisher, Laurie J. Fishero, Margaret E. Fisher-Shipley, Lynne Nora Fitzpatrick, Barbara J. Flakus, Erin E Flanagan, Verna A. Fleary-Alexis, Nathan Joseph Fleck, Stacey L Flegel, Randall Clay Fleming, Minelva I. Fleming, Donna Marie Fletcher, Abigail M. Fletcher, Henry M. Flink, Kathy J. Florence, Jennifer L. Florent, Ma Christina D Flores, Frank Flores, Jr., Kristie L Flores, Donna L. Florkiewicz, Jacqueline R Flottmann, Kelly Flower, Carol M Floyd, Shawn M. Floyd, Richard Fogel, Dianna L Folkes, Susan F. Fontecha, Gilbert L Fontenette, Ryan P Fontenot, Billie S Fonville, Lucia H Forbin, Kimberly S. Forbito Ivey, Sue M. Ford, Marianne P Ford, Janna S Ford, Paulette Enilda Forde, Harriet N Forjuoh, Kelley S Forster, Jocelyn Fortin-Davis, Kristine Elizabeth Fosler, Jeannie Michelle Foster, Kathleen A Foster, Nicholas Edward Foster, Suzanne M. Foster, Angela L Fountain, Julia T Foust, Kimberly S Fowler, Stephanie Fowler, James F. Fox, Jennifer Ann Fox, Mary E Fox, Linda L Fox, Stephanie Rose Frackman, Brandon Frady, Antoinette France, Marvin G. Francisco, Rubie Jimeno Francisco, Neil Francoeur, Amy Ilene Frank, Tina M Frank, Joy Frankhauser, Jodie Marie Franklin, Kelley Goodman Frankowicz, Cheryl A Fraser, Mark D. Frazer, Carrie J Freburg, Michael P. Frederick, Sarah Freeman, Kari M Freer, Dorota Freitas, Amy French, Cherie A Frericks, Kelly Lynn Fresquez, Elizabeth Sheridan Frey, Mary E. Freyling, Cara M. Friang, Jennifer D. Friend, Elizabeth L. Frigerio, Wendi Leigh Froedge, Nancy A. Frongello, Eileen J. Fruchtl, Amanda Jane Fruge, Salvacion Mendoza Fuellas, Jeanne M. Fuentes, Mary Katherine Fuhrman, Thomas N Fuller, Shirley S Funnamark, Carolyn Sue Furibondo, Winnifred Furman, Katherine K. Furmanski, Kelly Furness, Jessica Lee Furr, Becki L. Fuzi, Eileen S Gabayeron, Lilia C. Gacusana, Valerie O Gadomski, Toni M Gafford, Blythe F Gage, Amanda Martin Gagnon, Carrie Lynn Gaida, Brenda M. Gaither, Cheri M Gajewski, Tawny Gala, Fara L. Galbraith, Edgardo G Galera, Colleen M. Gallagher, Colleen A Gallagher, Meghan A. Gallagher, Rachel Gallagher, Amy K Gallagher, Adrienne J. Gallant, Chad M Galle, Maritza Gallegos, Betty B. Gallegos, Michael E Gallion, Jessica L. Gallo, Kathleen M Gallogly, Aline Marie Gambeski, Lina Gao, Clarisa D. Garabiles, Guia Judy T. Garcia, Jeanelle J. Garcia, Alberto Garcia, Miguel Garcia Castro, Geary Gardner, Aaron L Gardner, Cody Gardner, Petra D Garibay, Scott A Garland, Allisa M. Garland, Kevin J. Garner, Jonathan E Garrett, Heather D Garrettson, Amanda B Gartner, Tracey M. Garvey, Anne Garvin, Hilaria Gonzales Gascon, Linda Ann Gassner, Bella B. Gates, Chris L Gates, George Gauamis, Paulina L. Gauthier, Ted R Gavel, Jodi Gavel, Teresa A Gavin, Olga N. Gavrilenko, Kelly Jean Gebler, Tewabech G. Gedafie, Holly W Gedzar, Carrie J. Geha, Mary Gehling, Kristine A Geisler, Lalaine Genuino, Russell J. Genzel, Darlene A. Geoghan, Joan E George, Rachel George, Donna Lynn George, Nisha George, Amy C Gerardo, Amanda R Gerdts, Harold J. Gerhart, Clarice A Gerlach, Rebecca L Germann, Kellie L Gerst, Melissa A Gerving, Gena L Getz, Jennifer H Ghormley, Lori S. Gibbons, Beata M Gibbs, Kate G. Gibson, Kiley L Gibson, Jennifer S. Giedd-Nadycz, Elizabeth M Giedt, Allison Giffey, Tammy Paula Giguere, Allan N. Gilbert, Kristin N Gilbert, Kathryn E Giles, Nichole Giles, Linda Ann Gillespie, Brenda K Gillette, Alicia F. Gilliam, Mary S. Gilmore, Patricia S. Ginda, Clyde Conrad Girrens, Kathy A Giruzzi, Tina Elizabeth Glastetter, Donna Jean Gleeson, Jena M. Glenn, Joan Glick, Lawrence D Gloster, Amie N. Glover, Semyon Glukhoy, Jaye P. Gmoser, Rebecca Diane Goad, Elizabeth A Gochenour, Kari R Goerlitz, Lisa Catherine Golab, Steven Sean Golden, Sherri C Goldsmith, Laura A. Goldstein, Robert G Gole, Oscar Gomez, Susan Gonsalves, Jocelyn G. Gonzal, Gustavo Gonzales, Rosemarie S Gonzales, Susanna M. Gonzalez, Terry Good, Andrew Goode, Margaret Goodrich, Jessica R. Goodwin, Dyna M Gool, Kenneth Robert Gore, Bridget Renee Gorman, Margaret J Gorman, Kiriaki Gorsline, Dawn J Gosnell, Rosemary L Grabowiecki, Christina L. Graf, Elizabeth C Graf, Jessica A Graf, Nicole Lea Graf, Patsy S. Graham, Tamara A Graham, Jessica Leigh Graham, Autumn M. Grain, Tina M Grammas, Elizabeth A Grannell, Timothy P Grannell, Sharon E. Grant, Jason G Grant, Sharon Lynn Grantham, Dawn Marie Graves, Gretchen A Gravo Kamerer, Tina R Gray, Darlene Greathouse, Katrina J. Greely, Marcia S. Green, Kenyon Kelsey Green, Joel M Green, Kathryn E Green, Linda F. Greenberg, Jeremy M. Greenhagen, Micah N Greenwell, Crystal Lynn Greer, Mary Gregory, Wendy S. Greiner, Susan E Greiwe, Samuel Jayson Grice, Denise C Grieco, Karen J. Griffin, Jason D Griffin, Eva L Grimaldo, Myrlinda Joy Grimes, Daniel A Grisales, Patricia M Grisco, Marsha Grobman, Kerry Groce, Ann G. Gross, Tammy M. Gross, Cheryl H. Grubbs, Charles J Grumbles, Kristi Kay Grutzmacher, Yanbo Gu, California P Guadiz, Maryann E Guajardo, Elizabeth J Guerdan, Karen L Guerin, AnnMarie Guglielmi, Bridget Miller Guidry, Rhonda L Guilbeaux, Trish V Guillot, Tamara Guilloux, Mackenzie Starr Guizio, Fiona M Gulbrantson, Nabeela Gull, Hester Gunadi, Lynne L. Gustafson, Kathleen L Gustaveson, Marjorie J Gustin, John S Guthrie, Destinie Nguyen Ha, Julie A. Haas, Lea Ann Haas, Rita Marie Haber, Bernard H Habing, Susan L. Habrat, Janice Darlene Haddock, Teresa D. Haffey, Joseph S Hafley, Mark Z Hagopian, Cindy J. Haines, Nilsa M Hairston-Proctor, Lura J Haisley, Christine Halash, David Gene Hale, Devi J Hale, Marianne P. Halkyard, Elizabeth A Hall, Tamela E Hall, Natalie Janelle Hall, Donna Jo Hall, Sandra A Hall, Diane D Halstead, Jodi R Hamel, Angela B. Hamilton, Stephanie A Hamilton, Rebecca Ann Hamilton, Amanda K. Hamilton, Erin Leigh Hamilton, James Wesley Hamilton, Jr, Stacey M. Hamilton, L Todd Hammon, Della Hammond, Sheri L Hammond, Susan M Hammond, Tippi Hampton, Theodoor C Hancke, Terri M Hancock, Heather Hand, Loreen E. Hand, Jon Claire Handal, Pinan Day Hankus, Jennifer L Hankwitz, Elizabeth Hanlon, John Richard Hanlon, Heather J. Hansen, Saiyai P. Hanson, Amir Haq, Lauren Ruth Haracznak, Mary B. Harb, Valarie L. Harbaugh, Myra E Harbin, Kathryn J. Hardee, Kellie Sheriece Harden, Pamela A. Hardy, Crystal Ann Hardy, Darrell Hargis, Cheryl L Harless, Leslie Harmon, Christiana K Harms, A
mber Lynn Harness, Michelle S Harness, Debra L. Harney, Shannon L. Harrelson, Patricia C Harrington, Roxanne L. Harris, Holly A. Harris, Theresa Harris, Jennifer K. Harris, Lydia J Harris, James G. Harris, Sherod Harris, Renee Nicole Harris, Jean M. Harrison, Deirdre D. Harrison, Sara Suzanne Harrison, Margaret M Harrison, Allison C. Harse, Sharon T. Harten, Teresa Hartseil, Kittie Michelle Hartzheim, Clara Christine Harvey, Nicole R Harvey, Kimberly Deanne Hatchett, Diane M. Hattel, Karen A Havrilla, Amy E. Havrilla, Marie L. Hawk, Jennifer A. Hawkins, Cindy Hawkins, Houston H Hawkins, Jill A Hawkins, Carol A Hawn, Wendy S Hawse, Lisa L Hayes, Shannon M Haymore, Mary A. Haynes, Rose M Hays, Jackie Lu Heath, Cherish T Heath, Marcella Hebert, Jonathan David Hecht, Francis J. Heck, Joanna L Heck, Karen J Heckman, Sabrina Heddings, Amy C Heeg, Sheila Heffner, Lisa Marie Heflin, Suzanne B Heflin, Sandra H Heim, Lynn M. Heinz, Omar A Helal, Nicole Ann Helmer, Teresa H Hembree, Barbara A Hemphill, Darla K Henderson, Sherene Henderson, Jennifer H Henderson, Kristin Joy Henderson, Kevin D. Hengeveld, Rhonda L Henley, Emina M Henne, Stacey A Henning, Patricia Elizabeth Henry, Doreen Henry, Vida Henson, James H Hermann, Jr, Margarita Carrillo Hernandez, Maxwell H. Hernandez, Jahzeel H Hernandez, Fe Cruz Herradura, Veronika R Herrig, Jessica L Herriman, Tracy J Herring, Cynthia Ann Hess, Abby Lee Hess, Vivien A Hesselton, Renae O. Hester, Mark A Hetherington, Susan Rose Hetzer, Pamela S. Heydorn, Maria Jane Hibner, Melissa C Hicks, Todd L Hicks, Sara Elizabeth Hicks, Beverly L Hicks, Alan D Hicks, Barbara J Higgins, Arlene Kho Hilado, Sandra J. Hild, Karajean Hilker, Cara Hill, Stephanie Ann Hill, Shumeka Tareese Hill, Ronnetra S Hill, Ryan William Hill, Paul K. Hill, Amanda W Hill, Leslie A Hilliard, Krista G. Hillicoss, Sara M Himm, Chad M Hiner, Brian P Hinkebein, Heather Y Hinson, Rebecca S. Hinton, Rachael C Hipple, Scott F. Hirsh, Christine M Hitchner, Kimberly W Hite, Deborah L. Hitt, Amanda G Hlawaty, Miles D Hodges, Summer Rochelle Hodges-Lowery, Suzan

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