Welcome to the Beacon Award for Excellence™

In healthcare organizations, excellence is the sum of many complex parts. The Beacon Award for Excellence provides a road map and tools to assist critical care units on their path to excellence.

The American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN) created the Beacon Award to recognize individual units that distinguish themselves by improving every facet of patient care.

Beacon Award Designation

For patients and their families, the Beacon Award signifies exceptional care through improved outcomes and greater overall satisfaction.

For critical care nurses, a Beacon Award can mean a positive and supportive work environment with greater collaboration between colleagues and leaders, higher morale and lower turnover. 

Beacon Award Criteria

In 2010, AACN updated the criteria for the Beacon Award for Excellence. The award continues to incorporate:

  • Leadership Structures and Systems.
  • Appropriate Staffing and Staff Engagement.
  • Effective Communication, Knowledge Management, Learning and Development and Best Practices.
  • Evidence-based Practice and Processes.
  • Outcome Measurement.

How to Get Started

Ready to begin? Here are some Beacon resources and tools to help you start your Beacon journey.

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