Congratulations to 2013's 35-Year CCRNs!

Following, in alphabetical order by last name, are the 24 nurses celebrating 35 years of CCRN certification during the calendar year 2013. AACN Certification Corporation congratulates them on this noteworthy accomplishment and on their dedication to certified nursing practice.

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Pamela A. Borrelli
Beverly Ann Carlson
Mary A. Catalana
Kathleen L. Clarke
Mary L. Duggan
Pamela G. Dulin
Joanne Geise
Catherine McCoy Hill
Diana M. Kuhn
Erlinda T. Laking
Sara A. Laramie
Barbara L. Leeper
Carole V. Monteith
Bonnie V. Neibauer
Linda M. Nisbet
Sandra R. Perez
Bette Alexanderia Perkins
Sue Zanne Petersen
Kathleen A. Rich
Gail J. Smith
Kathleen L. Sullivan
Darlene Dawn Tuggle
Nancy L. Vadnais
Nancy J. Whitfield

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