Congratulations to 2013's New ACCNS-P Certificants!

Following, in alphabetical order by last name, are the 15 new advanced practice nurses who obtained ACCNS-P certification as pediatric clinical nurse specialists (wellness through acute care) during calendar year 2013. AACN Certification Corporation congratulates them on this noteworthy accomplishment and on their dedication to APRN nursing practice.

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Nicole G. Allen
Sarah M. Burr
Carole L. Cooper
Carly Ehritz
Linda M. Ellison
Kwun Ying M. Fung
Melissa Garcia
Emily A. Hunt
Sarah E. Knavel
Stacie C. Licon
Mayra Mendoza
Samantha A. Miller-Hall
Jennifer L. Norgaard
Donna M. Swirczynski
Theresa A. Wavra

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