Celebrating Certified Nurses

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North Hills Hospital – North Richland Hills, Texas

North Hills Hospital’s nurse research consultant, Diane Hawley, PhD, RN, CCNS, presented, “The Art of Questioning,” at their Certified Nurses Celebration breakfast. The presentation stressed the importance of certification for nurses and how clinical advancement and knowledge is also connected to developing the art of clinical questioning. “The Art of Questioning” project was conducted by the EBP & Research Council in order to promote clinical questioning by the direct care nurse. Each council member provided in-services to various clinical areas. Nurses were encouraged to write a clinical question and submit it for an opportunity to develop a poster and win a prize at the Certified Nurses Celebration. Six posters were presented and 3 winners were chosen. Each winner received $50 to apply towards a continuing education course to either gain or maintain their clinical certification. North Hills Hospital had a 54% increase in RN certification from 2010 to 2011.

Richland Texas, North Hills Hospital 

Certified nurses at the RN breakfast.

Winthrop University Hospital – Mineola, N.Y.

On March 11th, 2012 the MICU at Winthrop University Hospital hosted its second annual CCRN pinning ceremony to acknowledge those who received certification over the past year.

 Winthrop MICU 2012

Those who received certification are: Charo Canono RN, Caitlin Duffy RN, Ita Greaney RN, Daniel McWeeney RN, Bonnie Paturno RN and Krista Siedlick RN.

VA North Texas Healthcare System – Dallas, TX

Nurses in the MICU-CCU were provided with nursing excellence certificates signed by the Chief Nurse during their Certified Nurses Celebration on October 14, 2011. The unit unveiled the names of certified nurses on a life-size wooden “Stan Tall RN” replica. They also unveiled the Beacon Award journey. The unit proudly employs 31 CCRNs and 7 CMCs, with 69% certified nurses on the unit.

North Texas VA Dallas

Front Row, left to right: Mariamma Kurian, Christy Castro, Mary Philip, Susamma Abraham, Emeilie Rapanut, Mila Cruz, Kim Molengraaf.

Greater Twin Cities Area Chapter of AACN – Minneapolis, Minn.

To give back to our members, the Greater Twin Cities Area Chapter hosted a Certification Celebration dinner for our certified chapter members. The speaker gave a well-received presentation on nursing compassion and fatigue. Over 40 chapter members attended the April 13, 2011, celebration, which we hope to make an annual event.

Greater Twin Cities

Members of the Greater Twin Cities Area Chapter

Sharp Memorial Metropolitan Campus – San Diego, Calif.

Sharp Memorial Metropolitan Campus — which includes Sharp Memorial Hospital (SMH), Sharp Mary Birch Hospital (SMB) and Sharp Mesa Vista (SMV) — hosts an annual certification luncheon to celebrate all certified nurses. This year (2011), nurses enjoyed a royal style luncheon, received an embroidered coat depicting their certification and relaxed in a wonderful atmosphere, mingling with colleagues and administration.

Sharp Memorial, San Diego Sharp Memorial San Diego

Top photo, left to right: Chery Odell, CNO (SMB); Janie Kramer, COO (SMH); Susan Stone, CNO (SMH); and Carmen Colombo, CNO (SMV). Bottom photo, left to right: Maribel Hibanada Laserna; Aileen Ravelo; Karen Worthy; Angela Benefield; Stephen Houlahan; Charlene Earnhardt; Jeremy Manahan; Zonna Rogers (SICU manager); Cheryl Anderson; and Rosanne Ketter-Hana (Director of Critical Care).

Rum River Chapter of AACN – Coon Rapids, Minn.

The Rum River Chapter held its first Certification dinner on March 19, 2011, at Tanners Station in Andover, Minn., to celebrate Certified Nurses Day. All certified nurses who are members of the Rum River Chapter were invited to the dinner.

Rum River, MN, Certified Nurses Day

Attendees Pictured: Louise Jacobs; Pam Madrid; Karen Schulz; Lori Weaver; Kathy Berkowitz; Jeanne Boespflug; Gayle Haggberg; Deb Heupel; Traci McNamara; Sheila Micka; Laura Nugteren; Linda Theisen; Joette Warner; Kelly Erhart; Jen Filips; Sue Willoughby; Paula Staples; April Lenzmeier.

Ellis Medicine – Schenectady, N.Y.

Ellis Medicine celebrated their first annual Certified Nurse’s Luncheon on March 18, 2011. With over 120 nurses participating, Chief Nursing Officer Cecelia Lynch commended nurses on their achievements and encouraged them to be mentors for others who are seeking professional development and recognition. Ms. Lynch restated the hospital’s commitment to enhancing education and providing opportunities for lifelong learning. Certified Nurses also provided information booths on a variety of different certification opportunities at the three Ellis Medicine campuses. 

 Ellis Medicine, Donna Heidrich-Reynders, Janet RamboMarie Hutchins, Patricia Jacobson, Cecelia Lynch, Paula Reynolds

Top photo, pictured left to right: Donna Heidrich-Reynders; Janet Rambo. Bottom photo, pictured left to right: Marie Hutchins; Patricia Jacobson; Cecelia Lynch; Paula Reynolds.

Providence Little Company of Mary – Torrance, Calif.

Providence Little Company of Mary had their Inaugural Professional Practice Certification Breakfast (for all hospital certifications), in March 2011.

Providence of Mary, TorranceProvidence orf Mary, Torrance

Top photo: Mel Swartz, RN; Catrice Nakamura, RN, CCRN; Rachel Bruce Carothers, RN, CCRN; Lori Mullenhour, RN, CEN; Kathy Sliff, RN, CCRN; and Betsy Mikus, RN, CCRN-CSC. Pictured below: all Certified Breakfast Attendees; in center Kathy Harren, CNO and Valarie Fleming, assistant CNO. 

South Shore Hospital – South Weymouth, Mass.

On March 25, 2011, South Shore Hospital held a certification dinner to honor their certified nurses. All certified RNs were invited to the Boston, Quincy Marriot for a beautiful dinner celebration.

South Shore Hospital

Elizabeth Bedenbaugh; Jeanne Marston; Laura Donovan; Gail Gallagher; Deb Connelly. Gail is a 20-year CCRN and will be a first-time NTI attendee this year. Her CCNS, Jeanne (5th NTI) will be accompanying her.

Sarasota Memorial Hospital – Sarasota, Fla.

Sarasota Memorial Hospital, an 806-bed Magnet organization on the west coast of Florida, held a Certified Nurse’s Day breakfast on March 2011 in honor of all certified nurses. Our chief nursing officer was in attendance and each certified nurse was presented with a special gift in appreciation of their achievement. 59% of the hospital’s bedside nurses are certified in their specialty.

Sarasota Memorial HospitalSarasota Memorial Hospital

Top photo left to right: Sandy Schrock, CCRN; Wendy Kline, PCCN, RN-BC; Leeann Putney, CCRN-CSC; Kim Lewis, CCRN; Sonia Jarrett, CCRN; Lynn Kokott, CCRN; Laura LeGrand, CCRN; and Sue Olsen, CCRN. Bottom photo left to right: Suzanne Casey, RNC-OB, C-EFM; Michele Ross, CCRN-CSC; BettyAnn Conway, CCRN; Darlene Marks, CCRN-CSC; Valerie Murphy, PCCN; Christina Taylor, PCCN; Maribeth Desiongco, RN-BC; Melody Benoit, CNML; Attila Domokos, CCRN.

VCU Health System – Richmond, Va.

The VCU Health System celebrated Certified Nurses Day on Friday, March 18, 2011. Attached are two photos from the event. Awards were given for units with the highest percentages of eligible certified nurses in four FTE categories.

VCU School of NursingVCU School of Nursing

Top left to right: Cindy Steinbach, CAT co-lead; Susan Chandler. Bottom left to right: Stephanie Watson; Mary Alice Conte; Christine Dietz; Jacque Bishop; and Monika Fenner. 

White Plains Hospital Center – White Plains, N.Y.

White Plains Hospital Center celebrated Certified Nurses Day, on March 17, 2011, by honoring and recognizing their 190 certified nurses for their professionalism, leadership and commitment to excellence in patient care.

White Plains Hospital, Medical DivisionWhite Plains Hospital, Critical Care Division

Photos show nurses in the Medical Division (L-R: Rhea Newton, RN-BC; Cathy Waters, OCN; Mary Paul, RN-BC; and Sandi Gallo, RN-BC) and the Critical Care Division (L-R: Jennifer Shannon, CAPA; Kelly Ellsworth, CCRN; Pat Allinger, CAPA; and Erica Dusseldorp, CEN).

University of Texas Medical Branch – Galveston, Texas

 UTMB, Galveston Margaretta Styles Fund

Celebration included the university donation "Dollars for Scholar" to the Margaretta Styles fund for Credentialing Research. Pictured are Margaret Matthews, Josette Armendariz-Batiste, Jane Gonzalez.

Griffin Hospital – Derby, Conn.

On March 21, 2011, Griffin Hospital, a 160-bed hospital, held their annual celebration of Certified Nurse Day. The event took place in the main Dining Room conference rooms, which were beautifully decorated. Each nurse was sent a personal invitation by the Barbara J. Stumpo, RN, BSN, MPA, Vice President of Patient Care Services congratulating them on their achievements. When nurses arrived, they were greeted by the vice president of patient care services and were handed a customized Hershey bar and a gift card for a free beverage in our cafeteria. Dining Services played an integral part in preparing gourmet finger foods and gourmet desserts. A poster was also displayed throughout the hospital displaying the names of all the certified nurses.

Griffin Hospital, Derby CT

Nurses receive special recognition at the annual Nurse Day celebration.

Medical Center of Plano – Plano, Texas

Annually the Medical Center of Plano honors certified nurses for at their celebrations for Certified Nurses Day. This year on March 18, 2011, the celebration with the theme “credentials matter” included a tea party and slideshow of the certified nurses. Nurses were welcomed to the party with flowers and pictures.

Plano TexasPlano Texas

Jefferson General Hospital – Metairie, La.

The Critical Care Division at East Jefferson General Hospital was the recipient of the 2011 Award for Nursing Certification Advocacy from the American Board of Nursing Specialties. The hospital-wide celebration of Certified Nurses Day on March 18, 2011, included lunch delivered to each certified nurse on their own unit and a Certified Nurse cooler bag as a gift. Many of the nurses in this annual picture on the lawn are wearing the Certified Nurse Champion shirt, which was a gift last year and is part of the official uniform for nurses certified in their specialty. The nursing staff also presented a crystal plaque to the hospital’s auxiliary in gratitude for their financial support of specialty nursing certification review courses and exam fees since 1989.

 Jefferson General Hospital

East Jefferson General Hospital’s Critical Care Division’s certified nurses’ annual photo.

Providence Portland Medical Center - Portland, Ore.

Providence Portland Medical Center's Critical Care Education Team held a CCRN Celebration Party on December 3, 2010. In the last two years the Critical Care Education Team has promoted CCRN certification, and the number of certified nurses has consequently increased from 10% to 40%.

Providence Portland Medical

Pictured left to right: Julie Gladziszewski; Valie Klacik, Susan Raeburn; Traci Nofziger; Missy Thingelstad; Kathy Boatman; and Heather Hertz.

South Bay Chapter of AACN – San Jose, Calif.

The South Bay Chapter during their 2011 Certification Celebration.

South Bay Chapter off AACN, San Jose

Attendees Pictured: Hazel Apiado; Leslie Bigler; Michele Bonnell; Milbert Cardera; T.J. Carella; Franziska Castello; Hank Chau; Cindee Christensen; Karen Denham; Debra Doeltz; Pam Dudley; Eugenia Giguire; Anita Giraro; Myrna Gutierrez; Diane Hamilton; Annette Q. Haynes; Linda Higgins; Winnie Huynh; Jessica Jocius; Ingeborg Kananaugh; Narysa Lainez; Gloria Liban; Julia Lindeman Read; Mary Lough; Chia-Yu Lu; Charlyn Macalintal; Jane Malone; Yvonne McKenna; Falguina Mehta; Bernadette Montalbano; Marilyn Moser; Julia Navero; Christine Nguyen; Martha Peck; Patrica Peterson; Thuy Hien Deiu Phm; Michael Purnell; Marilyn Reiss-Carrasero; Sharon Rose; Patricia Ross; Susan Scollan-Boring; Jo Scott; Elizabeth Scruth; Ruth Smith; Sally Lynn Taylor; Melissa A Truesdel; Jane Valdez; Catharine Walke; Lisa Walker-Vischer; Jacquette Ward; Marietta Wong; Eileen Yenko; Connie Yokum; Helen Youn.

Robinson Memorial Hospital – Ravenna, Ohio

Achieving certification in your specialty area is a hospital-wide goal for RNs at Robinson Memorial Hospital (RMH). Since January 2010 all registered nurses at RMH are eligible for prepayment of a review course and the certification exam. Since then the number of certified nurses has increased from 19% to 30%. Newly certified nurses are celebrated and recognized in multiple ways.They are presented with a lapel pin signifying their certification achievement, celebrated with fanfare — including balloons and candy — and recognized in all nursing leadership council meetings. Additionally, newly certified nurses join the “Wall of Fame” in the Hospital’s front lobby with their professional portrait displayed in the rapidly growing photo gallery recognizing our certified nurses.

Robinson Memorial, OH

Robinson Memorial Hospital's Wall of Fame, on Certified Nurses Day 2011.

Winthrop University Hospital – Mineola, N.Y.

The Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU) at Winthrop University Hospital held a CCRN pinning ceremony and celebration dinner in March 2011.

Winthrop UniversityWinthrop University NY

Pictured: Certified nurses of the MICU.

Advocate Christ Medical Center and Advocate Hope Children's Hospital – Oak Lawn, Ill.

Photos below were taken at a quarterly certification ceremony on February 14, 2011. In attendance were Darcie Brazel, chief nurse executive, Lynn Hennessy, vice president of nursing and Susan Massatt, director, critical care.

Advocate Christ Medical Center, ILAdvocate Hope Children's Hospital, IL

Top Photo: CTC Team (with Phinnie Amegashie, RN, CCRN). Second Photo: SVTU Team (with Grace Hamoay, RN, BSN, CCRN; Emily Quain, RN, BSN, CCRN). In attendance but not pictured,  MICCU Team (with Kerryann Longshaw, RN, BSN, CCRN; Jeff Hermanek, RN, CCRN; and Michael Kaffel, RN, BSN, CEN).

East Texas Medical Center – Tyler, Texas

East Texas Medical Center hosted their 3rd annual Certified Nurses Day brunch in honor of all nurses who hold certification in their specialty. CEO, Robert Evans, and CNO, Maria Kulma, spoke at the brunch, thanking the nurses for their commitment to their profession and their patients. Each nurse received a Certified Nurses Day key light.

East Texas Medical Center, Tyler

Certification Celebration & Recognition, Greater Johnstown Chapter of AACN – Windber, Pa.

Greater Johnstown Chapter of AACN, Windber PA

Pictured standing: Dawn Drahnak, RN, BSN, CCRN; Sherry Morrison, RN, CCRN; Lisa Dean, RN, BSN, CCRN; Darlene Dubay, RN, MSN, CCRN; Donna Golish, RN, RN-C, PCCN; Dawn O’Roark, RN, BSN, CCRN; Mary Venetsky, RN, CCRN; Judy Dembowski, RN, CCRN; Delores Foust, RN, BSN, PCCN; Denise Sedelmeyer, RN, BSN, PCCN; Nadine Shaffer, RN, RN-C, PCCN; Nicole Custer, RN, MSN, CCRN-CSC; Carla Berg, RN; Margaret Murphy, RN, RN-C, PCCN; Marcella Duffy, RN, BSN, MBA, PCCN; Lisa Khuri, RN, BSN, CCRN; Doreen Roub, RN, CNOR; and Jackie Gunby, RN, CCRN. Pictured seated: Christina Schilling, RN, BSN, CCRN; Lori A. Cox, RN, MSN, ACNP-BC, CCRN, PCCN; Bonnie Mazurak-Riga, RN, MSN, MBA; Charlene T. Trimeloni, RN, MSN, CCRN, PCCN; Kathleen Valkovci, RN; Fran Watson, RN, BSN, CCRN; and Kimberly Garman, RN, MSN, ACNP-BC, CCRN. 

CCRN License Plate – Columbus, Ohio

Marcia Belcer's CCRN status has become a great sense of pride for her, and she promotes certification every chance she gets. Marcia even has an Ohio CCRN license plate on her car that she's had for over 20 years. A critical care nurse once told Marcia that seeing her license plate and the obvious pride in her certification inspired her to seek certification.

CCRN license plate

VA Medical Center – Dallas, Texas

The nurses in the MICU/CCU at the VA Medical Center had a "Breakfasts of the Stars" on October 8, 2010, celebrating their FY2010 successes. The highlight of the event was celebrating 25 CCRNs in the unit, which is 50% of the RN staff, the highest percent certified in a unit at the medical center. In attendance at the celebration were our nurse chief executive and associate chief nurse for critical care.

VA Med Center DallasVA Med Center TX

Celebrating a Unit Certification Rate of 75% – University of Kansas Hospital, Kan.

The Medical Transplant Intensive Care Unit of the University of Kansas Hospital is very proud that as of 2010, 75% of the nurses on the unit have achieved CCRN status. Of the 44 nurses on staff, 33 have now passed the CCRN certification exam. The photo, submitted by Nurse Manager Adam Olberding, shows about half of the nurses on the unit; what a happy group!

 University of Kansas Hospital

Certification Luncheon – Georgetown Memorial Hospital, S.C.

Georgetown Memorial is a community hospital on the coast of South Carolina that recognizes and celebrates the importance of nursing certification. We held a Certification Luncheon on Certified Nurses Day. Each certified nurse was presented with a certificate of achievement and enjoyed a wonderful lunch with hospital administration.

Georgetown Memorial HospitalGeorgetown Memorial Hospital 

Picture left to right: Rebecca Crawford, CCRN-CMC; Melanie Johnston, CCRN-CMC; Carol Ficklin, OCN; Cathy Kammerer, OCN; Rane Atkinson, CAPA; Phyllis Douglas, CAPA; Norma Sundberg, CNOR; Wendy Gentile, CNOR; Lynn Weiss, CDE; Angela Sheridan, FNP-BC; Gaye Douglas, FNP-BC; Cindy Cannon, CPN; Ann Waters, CNO. 

Region 6 Conference Recognizes Certified Nurses – Atlanta, Ga.

The below photo was taken at the Region 6 Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, on September 28, 2010. AACN president, Kristine Peterson, and Stan Tall recognized AACN certified conference participants from Region 6 and surrounding areas for their achievement.

Region 6 Conference Atlanta

CCRN Recognition & Celebration Dinner – Unity Hospital, N.Y.

Our CCRN Recognition and Celebration Dinner for the intensive care unit at Unity Hospital, Rochester, N.Y., began with a formal dinner for all CCRNs and their nursing director. The 10 commitments of leadership were discussed, as well as ways that we, as a team, could influence relationships and clinical outcomes within our organization. All CCRNs were given the NTI Stand Tall coaster and a certificate highlighting their name and accomplishment. The event ended with a special recognition for Mike Pope, CCRN, who has provided the CCRN education classes for our staff and the local community.

Pictured in group: CCRNs Carolyn Arnold; Tracy Becker; Sarah Bobo; Julie Casciani; Patti Carr; Francesca D'Agosino; Sue Furibondo; Sue Erb; Kristen Hannon; Peg Hurst; Lori Kennedy; Loa Lawler; Mary Ellen Lui; Sharon Lum; Deb Maier; Katie Miszuk; Nan Stell; Beth Weir; Colleen Walsh; Luann Wilday; and Mike Pope.

Certification Celebration at NTI 2010 – Washington, D.C.

Over 1,500 certified nurses attended the NTI 2010 Certification Celebration dinner and reception, held Tuesday, May 18, 2010 in Washington, D.C. The event recognizes and celebrates certified nurses who hold CCRN, PCCN, CCRN-E, CMC, CSC, CCNS, ACNPC and CNML certifications. Alumnus CCRNs and Alumnus PCCNs were also welcome to attend. 

Bertice BerryCertification Celebration Dinner

The Certification Celebration dinner was hosted by Bertice Berry, who energized, entertained and inspired attendees. Pictured are 14 CCRNs celebrating 30 years of continuous certification. Confetti was just one element that made this year's celebration unique and memorable.

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