ACNPC Introduction

ACNPC — A Registered Service Mark

ACNPC is a registered service mark of AACN Certification Corporation and denotes certification as an acute care nurse practitioner as granted by AACN Certification Corporation. Adult acute care nurse practitioners who have not achieved ACNPC certification status or whose ACNPC status has lapsed are not authorized to use the ACNPC credential.

ACNPC Job Analysis

Each ACNPC certification exam is based on a job analysis. The most recent study of practice defines the dimensions of acute/critical care nursing practice and identifies the actual tasks, knowledge and experiences required of an advanced practice nurse.

In the study, advanced practice acute and critical care nurses across the United States were surveyed to ascertain the frequency and significance of the various elements of their practice.

Through an extensive review and evaluation process, the tasks crucial to advanced practice acute and critical care nursing were defined using the Synergy Model as an organizing framework. ACNPC exams are based on these tasks and the knowledge required to perform them.

Aggregate Score Reporting

For purposes of evaluating educational programs, exam subscores and pass/fail status may be provided to schools of nursing. Such information would not include personal identifying data about individual exam candidates, but would be reported in the aggregate by content area and include data such as number of students testing and percentage of students who pass.

The Board of Nursing in the state(s) in which you have applied for or intend to apply for licensure will be notified of your pass/fail status.

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