Upcoming Certification Review Courses by Date

In addition to certification review courses offered online, a list of upcoming review courses are available to view by date. 

AACN Certification Corporation does not necessarily endorse the courses listed on this page. This information is provided solely for your convenience. Please be an informed consumer.

If you are with an AACN chapter or other organization and would like to have your upcoming review course(s) listed on this page, please email us with the date(s), location and contact information. This page is updated at the end of each month

For additional information regarding certification review courses, please access the following:

AACN's PCCN Review
DATES: Ongoing
LOCATION: Online Course
CONTACT: View PCCN review course details 

AACN's Adult CCRN Review
DATES: Ongoing
LOCATION: Online Course
CONTACT: View Adult CCRN review course details

AACN's Pediatric CCRN Review
DATES: Ongoing
LOCATION: Online Course
CONTACT: View Pediatric CCRN review course details

CCRN Review
DATES: August 25-December 12, 2014 
LOCATION: Online  
CONTACT: Tina Krause, (507) 457-5083, tkrause@winona.edu

DATES: January 12-14, 2015
LOCATION: Mountain View, Calif. 
CONTACT: Grace Nabas, (650) 940-7270, grace_nabas@elcaminohospital.org

CCRN Review
DATES: January 16 & 19, 2015
LOCATION: Florence, S.C.
CONTACT: Cheryl Neuner, (843) 777-5347, cneuner@mcleodhealth.org 

DATES: February 20-21, 2015
LOCATION: Miami, Fla.
CONTACT: Joe Falise, (954) 594-1427, JFalise@med.miami.edu 

CCRN Review
DATES: March 9 & 10, 2015
LOCATION: Hagerstown, Md.
CONTACT: Brian Rogers, (240) 500-2614, brrogers@hagerstowncc.edu

PCCN Review
DATES: March 9 & 10, 2015
LOCATION: Hagerstown, Md.
CONTACT: Brian Rogers, (240) 500-2614, brrogers@hagerstowncc.edu

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