Renewal Audit FAQs

Why am I being audited?

In compliance with standard regulatory practices and support of our mission of patient protection, AACN Certification Corporation conducts random audits following submission of renewal applications. 

What do I need to include in my completed audit package?

  • Audit checklist
  • Copy of current, unencumbered RN or APRN license or letter/online verification from your state board of nursing
  • Form signed by supervisor or professional colleague verifying completion of bedside/practice hours
  • Completed CERP Log
  • Documentation of 100 CERPs as outlined in the Renewal by Synergy CERPs program (CMC and CSC renewal require 25 Category A Clinical Judgment CERPs)

What if I don't have my certification renewal handbook?

Renewal handbooks are available at > Documents and Handbooks.

What if I lose my CERP Log?

A CERP Log can be found in your renewal handbook (see link above) or you may download an electronic version of the log below.

If I lose my renewal audit checklist how do I obtain a duplicate?

You may download a copy of the Audit Checklist below.

When completing your audit checklist, be sure the dates you list reflect your previous renewal period.

  • For example, if your scheduled certification renewal date was 4/1/16, the dates you would list on your audit checklist are 4/1/13 - 3/31/16. This is the date range that all your CERPs and clinical/practice hours must fall into.

To confirm your date range and/or audit due date, please contact Ali Acle at (800) 394-5995, ext. 276.

Within which date range must the CERPs for my renewal audit fall?

Your CERPs/CEs must fall into the date range of the 3-year period prior to your scheduled renewal date.  

Does my name need to be on my CE certificate?

Yes. Please be sure your name, the title and date of the course and the hours attended appear on all certificates, forms and letters of verification.

How many CERPs is my AACN membership worth?

AACN membership is worth three (3) CERPs for each year of active membership, up to nine (9) per 3-year renewal period.

May I count ACLS and BLS programs towards my CERPs?

Yes. However, a copy of your card is not sufficient as it does not include actual class time, which varies. Provide documentation of hours in course (so total number of CERPs may be calculated), along with course date and title, your name and signature of a supervisor, educator or professional associate.

  • Note: CMC and CSC renewal candidates may count an ACLS course for CERPs once per 3-year renewal period; BLS courses may not be counted for CMC or CSC renewal.

What happens if I do not respond to or pass the audit?

Certificants selected for audit are notified via mail and have 60 days from the date of the notification letter to submit the required verification materials.

  • If materials are not submitted to AACN within 60 days, certification will be revoked and notices may be sent to the candidate's employer and state board of nursing, where appropriate.


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