Wall of Honor Photos

To learn more about creating a Wall of Honor on your unit or to have your current Wall of Honor featured on this page, please contact us at certification@aacn.org

Palmetto Health Heart Hospital CVICU – Columbia, SC

In 2014, the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit (CVICU) at Palmetto Health Heart Hospital had two certified nurses, but over a period of less than 8 months, the team stepped forward to focus on a single goal; certification. The shared leadership committee decided to highlight the accomplishments of 11 new nationally certified nurses. The CVICU went from 7% to 50% certification with more nurses planning to take up the challenge to get certified. The Wall of Honor serves as a focal point for all to illustrate the hard work and dedication demonstrated by our nurses in their pursuit of excellence. Our next goal is to pursue double certification.


Pictured left to right: Jean Sabourin, CCRN, CSC, CMC, Melissa Berzin CCRN and Elena Gonzalez CCRN

The Queen's Medical Center - Honolulu, HI

Members of the 11-bed Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU) at The Queen’s Medical Center “stepped forward” to celebrate our CCRN certified nurses. The new certification recognition wall we created represents the caliber of nurses who work on our unit, helps celebrate our achievements and serves as a reminder to renew our certifications and continue to develop professionally. In addition to our remodeled wall of honor, we continue to celebrate our achievements in various ways, including announcing and celebrating newly certified nurses on a regular basis and holding our annual certification celebration luncheon.


Pictured left to right: Reanne Takara, Julie Sy, Joanne Weldon, Eileen Wong, Ryan Kumabe, Ariel Hawks-Feldman, Judy Ilano

Valley Hospital Medical Center Wall of Honor - Las Vegas, NV

Nenita A. Maningat, a SICU staff nurse, CCRN and AACN ambassador, created the Wall of Honor on her unit to recognize CCRN-certified nurses and encourage other staff members to obtain their specialty certification. The SICU at Valley Hospital Medical Center is a 20-bed high acuity unit whose nurses are highly specialized and trained in the care of patients post neurosurgery, cardiothoracic & major abdominal surgery. “We would like to reassure our patients and their families that we are committed in providing expert, competent & compassionate care not only by obtaining our specialty certification but also by maintaining it,” said Ms. Maningat.

Valley Hospital Las Vegas Wall of Honor

Pictured standing from left: Nenita A. Maningat, Joan Squillante, Selena Valdez. Sitting from left: Becky Miramontes-Wright, Howard Grantham, Karen Kinimaka. Not pictured: Duk Hee Hillier, Jane Casovan, Kristen Wilcox, Kelly Warner.

New York Presbyterian Hospital (Columbia Medical Center), New York, NY

In 2008, only 13 staff members of the Surgical Anesthesia Intensive Care Unit held CCRN certification. Within the past 3 years that number increased to 27, which is 77% of eligible RNs. We are proud of our certified staff for creating a culture of certification and encouraging other nurses within the unit to become certified. The CCRN Wall of Honor proudly displays the pictures of certified nurses in the unit, which recognizes these nurses and inspires soon-to-be certified nurses.

New York Presbyterian Hospital, Columbia Medical Center

Methodist Richardson Medical Center, Richardson, Texas

In January of 2008, the intensive care unit at Methodist Richardson Medical Center had only three nurses with CCRN certification. Jennifer Cloud, RN, CCRN, MBA, Director of Critical Care/Cardiac Services, is proud to announce that the ICU now has 16 CCRNs, one CMC and one CSC. Currently, 45% of our ICU nursing staff hold this highly honored specialty certification with additional RNs planning to take the exam. The staff nurses in the ICU have truly embraced the opportunity to enhance their critical care knowledge and demonstrate their commitment to excellence by taking the certification exam. 

Pictured from left: Jennifer Cloud, CCRN; Rebecca Donnelli, CCRN; Anabela Ben-Abraham, CCRN; Shirley Macalanda, CCRN-CSC; Dinah Sanchez, CCRN; Raigina Preston, CCRN; Emilyn Soliman, CCRN-CMC; Tewonda Baker, CCRN; Tamela Knight, CCRN. Not pictured: Leslie Good, CCRN; Vickie Valentine, CCRN; Priti Devers, CCRN; Ruthmary Arumugam, CCRN; Deena Oommen, CCRN; Charlie Adderley, CCRN; Monica Anderson, CCRN

University Medical Center, Lubbock, Texas

In 2009, only nine staff members of the medical ICU held CCRN certification. Within the past year, eight more nurses have earned their CCRN certification. We are proud of our certified staff for creating a culture of certification and encouraging other nurses within the unit to become certified.

Pictured from left: Back row: Jessamy Anderson; Kristi Valdez; Stacy Rooney; Gina Garcia. Front row: Elena Sheets; Rachel Dominguez; Pam Seaver. Not pictured: Mario Aguayo; Roxy Alvero; Ben Batson; Charles Beaudoin; Maria Gonzales; Rey John Latap; Roy Napuli; Hazel Violan

Martin Memorial Health System, Stuart, Florida

Registered nurses from the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit and Cardiovascular Progressive Care Unit at Martin Memorial Health System in front of their Walls of Honor.


Pictured from left: CVICU staff: Cynthia Silva CCRN-CSC, director/clinical coordinator; Diane Blythe, CCRN; Linda Share, CCRN-CSC; Angela Yezzo, CCRN; Angela McDonald, CCRN-CSC; Laurie Aldrich, CCRN-CSC; Nicholas Borello, CCRN-CSC. CVPCU staff pictured from left: Kiersten Ohlsen, PCCN; Shannon Banks, PCCN; Janet Napolitano, PCCN; Rachael Aguilera, PCCN; Karen Eldridge, PCCN. Not pictured: Betsy Corrigan, PCCN

Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, Atlanta, Georgia 

A Wall of Honor was created to showcase the CCRNs from the PICU of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and encourage all staff RNs to become certified. We believe that our certified RNs give excellent care, are more up-to-date on cutting edge technology and use evidence-based practice to improve the care we give to patients and families. A sponsorship was developed that allows us to pre-pay up to 15 RNs per year for their CCRN exam. We are very proud of our wall and what it represents to PICU nurses, as well as patients, families and physicians.


Arizona Burn Center, Phoenix, Arizona

Arizona Burn Center is committed to promoting certification. To that end, we created this unique wall, showcasing the Arizona Burn Center logo along with certificates of the four nurses who are currently CCRN-certified. We hope that the wall will encourage other staff members to commit to advancing their nursing careers by obtaining CCRN certification. The wall also serves as a focal point for patients and family members, giving them added confidence in the burn center team. We would like to thank our parent hospital, Maricopa Integrated Health Systems, for the opportunity to display this symbol of our commitment to continuing education and nursing excellence.

St. Thomas Hospital, Nashville, Tennessee

The staff of the critical care/neuro ICU at St. Thomas Hospital began their journey toward certification in 2007 with fewer than 10 staff being certified. In 2008, hospital administrators and nursing management shifted their thinking to encourage and support certification as a means of recognizing staff that show the initiative to demonstrate their knowledge through pursuing certification. With a system-wide increase in awareness of certification, a monetary incentive program and sponsoring of CCRN review classes, the number of CCRN-certified nurses on the unit increased to 36, with one nurse also holding the CSC and another also a CCNS. The unit has worked very hard over the past year to promote, support and encourage a culture of certification. Obtaining certification has been a confidence-booster to the nurses and has helped to facilitate sharing of knowledge and skills with not only fellow nurses, but also physicians and other disciplines the staff interacts with.


Pictured from right to left: Back row: Jaclyn Huey; Sherry Miller, Assistant Manager; Saramma George; Nancy Hughes; Connie Graves; Vickie Butler; Beverly Martin. Front row: Judith Mast (kneeling); Derrick Rodriguez

Bayfront Medical Center, St. Petersburg, Florida

Staff in the trauma intensive care unit at Bayfront Medical Center have been successful in creating a desire for and promoting certification in the unit. Anthie Riddle, the unit's clinical educator and a CCRN-certified nurse, shared that the unit is pleased to feature their nurses on the CCRN Wall of Honor and that the wall assists staff members to have pride in their accomplishment of obtaining certification.

Claudia Legaspi; Anthie Riddle; Sabrina Finehout; Carol Bangert; Malinda Rivers; Vanessa Murphy; Linda DelaRosa; Donna Spellissy; Colleen Evans; Marcy Phipps; Beth Townsend; Madelene Santos

George Washington University Hospital, Washington, D.C.

To support and promote critical care nurse certification, the intensive care unit at George Washington University Hospital has created a Wall of Honor in a prominent hallway of the unit where each nurse’s framed certificate is displayed. The Wall of Honor gives individual nurses a sense of professional pride in their achievement, encourages others to take the certifying examination and serves as a continuous reminder to all of our commitment to excellence. The framed certificates are a focal point for patients, families and other healthcare workers that allow nurses to explain how the certifications are representative of critical care nursing knowledge in the unit. The hospital also supports nursing certification by paying for the certification exam or renewal fees and displaying names of all certified nurses in the main lobby during Nurses’ Week. The certification is also favorably noted on each nurse’s employee profile, for consideration during annual performance evaluations. Prior to our Wall of Honor only eight nurses were CCRN-certified. One year later, 21 nurses hold CCRN certification — one also certified as a CMC. We are very proud of our accomplishment and know that we will continue to grow our number of CCRN-certified nurses.

CCRNs pictured from left: Gerundio "Gerry" Ursolino III, Team Leader; Jennifer Brough, Team Leader; Cynthia Phillip, Nurse Manager; Barbara Jacobs, ICU Director; Youjeong Kang; Staff RN; and Sarita Brown, Team Leader. CCRNs not pictured: Patricia Levenson and Heather Rickman, Clinical Supervisors; Gail Wood; Karen Morgan-Lynch; Mark Pavlick; Elisa Norris; Cristina Chandler; Christina Ruzila; Jessica Mattingly; Oi-mei Yau, Brenda Powell-Smith, Su Han; Team Leaders: Eileen Jenkins, Melissa Gray and Sandra Daulton, Staff RNs

USC Academic Medical Center, Los Angeles, California

The CVTICU staff at USC Academic Medical Center has developed a culture of nursing excellence demonstrated by the quality of our patient care and CCRN certification. Creating the Wall of honor validates, recognizes and commemorates our certified nurses to the highest degree, distinguishing nurses who have obtained CCRN and CSC certification. The numbers are steadily increasing every year, due to a never-ending commitment to provide the highest standards of care that have encouraged and motivated our nurses to challenge the certification exam and maintain certification. Through providing monetary incentive for nursing certification, USC Academic Medical Center demonstrates their dedication to continuing education and their support of nursing practice.

"I am proud to be a part of the CVTICU at USC Academic Medical Center. The nursing staff demonstrates an unrelenting commitment to provide the highest standards of care to the most acute of patient populations. The CCRN Wall of Honor expresses our pledge to continue to pursue excellence and proclaims our admiration for all the nurses who exemplify the highest standards of practice," says Lisa Shelby, Nurse Manager. Dr. Craig Baker, Assistant Professor of Surgery, states, "As a Cardiothoracic Surgeon who treats patients with highly complex problems, I rely on exceptional perioperative care to offer successful outcomes. Without this type of care, we could not perform many of the life-saving procedures we currently employ. This fact is glaringly evident as it relates to the incredibly dedicated, well-trained and compassionate nursing care delivered in the CVTICU. CCRN certification guarantees that our patients will receive the highest level of quality nursing care available. Physicians and patients alike have come to appreciate and respect the excellence in nursing care delivered on a daily basis."

Pictured from left: Stephanie Brennen; Brenda Leal; Wendell Walters; Maria Vizurraga; Kathryn Coronel; Jennifer Hajj; Tom Kim. Not pictured: Myla Perez; Gabby Aguirre; Myoung Lee; Yan Ko; Stephany Nguyen; Nelly Beshalany; Holly McCormick; Zeinoon Malaeb

University Medical Center, Las Vegas, Nevada

In recognition of the value of certification, the coronary care unit/cardiovascular care unit of University Medical Center has created a "Culture of Certification" that promotes and supports certified nursing practice. The CCU/CVCU certified nurses at this hospital initiated the hospital's first ever CCRN Wall of Honor in November 2007. The CCRN Wall of Honor proudly displays the names of certified nurses in the unit, which recognizes these nurses and also motivates more nurses to obtain CCRN Certification. Our nurses, along with the support of Joy Guideng (director), Jane Ringor (manager) and Nenita Rattanopas (shared governance chairman), strive everyday to maintain a culture of exceptional care. Recognition of certified nurses on the Wall of Honor is symbolic of our commitment to excellence and public protection through nursing certification.

University Medical Center

Pictured from left: Rebecca Palone, Jane Ringor, Amando Nera, Grace Samson, Maricel Olan-Cabrera, Nenita Rattanopas, Lydia Galez, Veronica Ignacio. Not pictured: Marlene Tinio, Imelda Anonuevo, Greggy King, Fenina Encabo, Cindy Warner

Grady Health System, Atlanta, Georgia

The surgical intensive care unit (SICU) at Grady Health System has created an environment of certification by encouraging and providing ongoing advanced training and monetary incentives. The SICU firmly believes that excellence in nursing care is driven by the certified critical care nurses on the unit. The Wall of Honor features a certification plaque that is continually growing and the Tree of Life©, a poem in the shape of a tree (included below), developed by CCRNs on the unit to describe their practice. The Tree of Life© is dedicated to SICU staff by medical director, Dr. Grace Rozycki.

Grady Health System Tree of Life

Pictured from left: Keri Jones, RN, BSN, CCRN; Judith Holzigal, RN, BSN, CCRN; Avia Newton, RN, ADN, CCRN; Mayola Bedden, RN, CCRN; Charles Ginigeme, RN, CCRN; Cathy Churbock RN, MSN, Ph.D., CCRN, CCNS, CNA-BC, unit director; and Suzanne Levi, RN, BSN, CCRN. Not pictured: Japonica Morris, RN, MSN, CCRN

Alaska Native Medical Center, Anchorage, AK

The critical care nursing staff at Alaska Native Medical Center teamed up to create their Wall of Honor this year, displayed near the main entrance to remind staff and guests of our commitment to excellence in providing the best patient care. We also wanted to recognize the outstanding efforts of these CCRN-certified nurses and encourage others to advance their profession and seek certification. Each year in May, the unit hosts a cookout and displays banners to recognize CCRN-certified nurses during Critical Care Awareness Month. We are proud of the dedicated team of professionals that work in our critical care unit at ANMC and we thank AACN for the opportunity to share our accomplishments with others.

Alaska Native Medical Center

Pictured from left: Jill Montague, staff RN; Kristine Pinckney, director; Ed SanMartin, staff RN; Coleen Fett, clinical nurse manager); Carl "Sherman" Jackson, staff RN; Dee West, clinical nurse educator; Margaret "Rocky" Carloni, trauma nurse. Not pictured: June Irwin, staff RN

University Medical Center, Lubbock, Texas

CCRNs from University Medical Center, Lubbock, Texas, in front of their Certification Wall of Honor. Twenty-five percent of the hospital's critical care nurses are certified.

University Medical Center, Lubbock, TX

Pictured front row from left: Steven Locke, Young Moore, Robyn Williams, Whitney Miller, Carolina Al-Sheikh; Back row from left: Page Watkins, Neil Wolf, Genaro Marquez, Kristi Crofts, Alex Fowler, Grace Grooms.

Washington Adventist Hospital, Takoma Park, Maryland

The creators of the CCRN Wall of Honor for the cardiovascular surgical intensive care unit at Washington Adventist Hospital stand in front of their wall. The group was inspired to create the wall while attending their regional AACN conference last fall. With 20 out of 47 nurses (43%) certified, the unit now holds a regional record for most CCRNs in one unit. Each nurse has voluntarily pursued and maintained their certification. Two RNs have also achieved their CSC status. Seventeen RNs were certified at the beginning of the project in July 2007, with three more RNs attaining certification since then. The unit is also pursuing Beacon status.

Washington Adventist Hospital

Pictured: Mihae Shin-Diep, staff RN; Tatiana Abbundi, staff RN; and Rose Ayres, assistant nurse manager. Not pictured: Bonnie Neibauer, former unit director; Maria Jurlano, assistant nurse manager; Shirley Harry; Priscilla Day; Joannikia Dean; Marissa Magtanong; Gillian Phillips, Mang Yi Yung; Luverne Diaz; Vijaya Hansdak; Karen Cassagnol; Alena Batilo-Agatep; Georgia Connor; Kathleen Esposito; Madonna Cuasay; Jacqueline Wiseman; Jeanette Roberts

Geisinger Medical Center, Danville, Pennsylvania

The cardiac intensive care unit at Geisinger Medical Center cares for cardiac, cardiothoracic, transplant and critical care patients. We have created a CCRN Wall of Honor to recognize the 20 nurses who have pursued AACN's national certification. These 20 certified nurses comprise about 35% of the RNs in the unit. Attainment of this certification expresses the nurses' dedication to patient care and their commitment to personal and professional development. We proudly display this Wall of Honor as a daily reminder to our patients, families and peers of our commitment to excellence.

Geisinger Medical Center

Chambersburg Hospital, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

In the past, a few nurses working in the critical care unit at Chambersburg Hospital had their CCRN certification. A few seasoned nurses pursued the CCRN goal, and with that, clinical manager Colleen Kylor, RN, BSN, CCRN, created a display case with information about the nurses' accomplishments. Plaques containing the nurses' names who have received their certification are hung on the unit. In the past year, eight additional members of the hospital's nursing staff received CCRN certification, bringing the total number of CCRN certified nurses to 18 — more than 50 percent of the unit's nursing staff. We are very proud of the accomplishments of our dedicated staff in the critical care unit, as we continue the tradition of excellence in nursing at Chambersburg Hospital.

Chambersburg Hospital

Pictured back row from left: Constance Miller RN, BSN, CCRN; Karen Semple RN, CCRN; Lori Dellinger RN, BSN, CCRN; Colleen Kylor RN, BSN, CCRN; Tammy Maclay RN, MSN, CEN, CCRN; Robert Rynecki BS, MS RN, BSN, CCRN; Dawn Rheam RN, BSN, CCRN; Barbara Peterson RN, CCRN; Susan Lynch RN, CCRN; Cheryl Cook RN, BSN, CCRN. Pictured front row from left: Ali Lensbower RN, CCRN; Joan Lahr, RN, BA, CCRN, Amy Pensinger RN, BSN, CCRN; Deborah Nunemaker RN, BSN, CCRN

Chambersburg Hospital

Mission Hospitals, Asheville, North Carolina

Nurses in the cardiovascular recovery unit (CVRU) and the cardiovascular intensive care unit (CVICU) at Mission Hospitals are pictured next to the AACN Wall of Honor. "Just 2 years ago, we had 10 CCRNs," said Craig Harris RN, BSN, MPH, CVICU/CVRU Manager. "Now we have 35 RNs with AACN certifications including CSC and CMC. Forty-one percent of our staff have achieved their CCRN and 12% have achieved CSC and CMC. We take personal ownership of being recognized as a Solucient Top 50 Heart Program, and our RNs want to keep us there. Excellent critical thinking skills on the part of nurses is the key to our success, and our nurses are personally committed to clinical leadership and professional accountability in their practice. We proudly display this as a daily reminder to our patients, families and peers of our commitment to excellence and to our certified RNs as a daily reminder of how that their practice is key to what we are doing. The CCRN is now on the radar of all of our RNs, and we support this by providing monthly education, by providing mentoring and by creating a culture where evidence-based practice and critical-thinking is the rule, not the exception."

Pictured from left: Scott Teeters RN, BSN, CCRN; Harriet McGinnis RN, BSN, CCRN-CSC; and Maxine Rolls RN, CCRN-CSC-CMC. Harriet McGinnis was among the first of our staff to achieve CCRN certification and the first of two to achieve CSC certification. Maxine Rolls was the first of our staff to achieve CMC certification. 41% of RN staff have achieved CCRN certification and 12% of RNs have achieved CSC and/or CMC certifications

Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center, Hartford, Connecticut

CCRN-certified RNs in the medical-surgical/trauma unit at Saint Francis Hospital & Medical Center are pictured in front of their CCRN Wall of Honor. The Wall of Honor, which is proudly displayed on their unit, was originally inspired by Charlotte Farris and Baylor University Medical Center. The MSICU management team, consisting of Cathy Roy RN, MSN and her Assistant Nurse Managers, Ann Lauren Banda RN, CCRN and Jae Lorenzet RN, CCRN, created the Wall of Honor in May, 2006 with five CCRNs. Currently, there are nine CCRNs, with several others actively studying for their CCRN certification. "We are hoping to implement some incentives for recognition, in order to encourage our nurses to achieve excellence through certification," stated Banda.

Pictured from left: Front Row: Michelle Drabkin RN, CCRN; Denise Oullette RN, CCRN; Jae Lorenzet RN, CCRN. Second Row: Kim Davis RN, CCRN; Ann Lauren Banda RN, CCRN; Deborah Webster RN, CCRN; Denise Grieco RN, CCRN; Vanessa Yi RN, CCRN. Not present for photograph: Ellen Duell RN, CNS, CCRN. Others that obtained CCRN, but no longer on unit: Kristen Davis RN, CCRN; David Maver RN, CCRN

Lahey Clinic Medical Center, Burlington, Massachusetts

Lahey Clinic encourages the professional development of nurses by providing support to those who wish to achieve certification. Building on the tradition begun by Baylor University Medical Center, Lahey Clinic celebrates nursing certification through a hospital wide Wall of Honor. This highly visible list of certified nurses is updated each year during Nurses Week and new names are added during a celebration ceremony. Included on the Wall of Honor are 150 certified nurses including 20 critical care nurses who have achieved CCRN certification.

According to Kathy McNamara, BSN, RN, CCRN, Assistant Nurse Manager of the CCU/MICU, certification is a natural extension to the Critical Care Pathway of Expertise at Lahey Clinic. The certification journey begins with the Essentials of Critical Care Orientation (ECCO), a rigorous e-learning program designed by AACN, which provides an extensive theoretical foundation for critical care nursing practice. After completing ECCO, staff are supported on their CCRN journey with an on-site critical care certification review course that will be offered starting in Fall 2007. With nursing administration support, unit-based study groups will be formed to help colleagues prepare for certification. Nurses who have achieved certification provide ongoing support and inspiration to certification candidates.

Lahey Clinic recognizes those nurses who have voluntarily pursued their prestigious credentials and supports them through reimbursement of exam costs and recertification fees.

Pictured from left: Sally Cadman, RN, MSN, CCRN; Debralee Quinn, RN, BSN, CNN; Kathy McNamara, RN, BSN, CCRN

New York Presbyterian Hospital, Weill Cornell Medical Center, New York, New York

Nurses in the cardiac intensive care unit at New York Presbyterian Hospital, Weill Cornell Medical Center, embarked on an initiative to promote continuing excellence on the unit by increasing the number of CCRN-certified staff. Since commencing the project the number of certified staff has more than doubled, some also holding the Cardiac Medicine (CMC) subspecialty certification. Many nurses on the unit are now actively studying for CCRN certification. The hospital has implemented initiatives such as reimbursement of CCRN/PCCN review courses and exam fees and five continuing education days per year to facilitate nurses achieving excellence.

In collaboration with Patient Care Director, Karen Betancourt, RN, CCRN , and inspired by the original Wall of Honor developed by Charlotte Farris and Baylor University Medical Center, a CCRN Wall of Honor was created that proudly displays the names of CCRNs on the unit. Not only does this recognize the nurses, it has also motivated many nurses on the unit to seek obtaining CCRN certification. The goal is to have at least 50% of our nurses certify by the end of 2008.

Pictured front row from left: Marjorie Florin, RN, CCRN; Ngozi Moneke, RN, CCRN-CMC; Salvatore Cappiello, RN, CCRN; Mary Moran, RN, CCRN. Second row from left: Annette Davidek, RN, CCRN; Yana Krmic, RN, CCRN. Others not able to be present for the picture are: Karen Betancourt, RN, CCRN; Wynklett Parsons, RN, CCRN; Mary McGreal, RN,CCRN-CMC; Leticia Demicoli, RN, CCRN; Maria Roque, RN, CCRN. Others that obtained CCRN, but presently no longer on the unit are: Lourdes Rafol, RN, CCRN; Demetrio Encabo, RN,CCRN; Kelly Kim, RN, CCRN

St. Barnabas Hospital, Bronx, New York

On July 13, 2006, critical care nurses at St. Barnabas Hospital celebrated certification in critical care nursing and dedicated their "Wall of Honor" to the 16 certified critical care nurses. Catherine Graham, RN, MA, CNA, Senior Vice President and Director of Nursing, Ron Ciubotaru, MD-ICU Director and ICU attending physicians Richard Stumacher, M.D. and Cristopher Grantham, M.D., attended the event. Agnes Lucero, MS, APRN, BC, CCRN, Critical Care Nurse Educator at St. Barnabas Hospital, was inspired by the projects done by Baylor University Medical Center and Washington Hospital Center and launched a similar initiative to increase the number of certified nurses in their critical care areas."We are very fortunate, because we have the full support not only of the nursing department but also the entire ICU medical staff. I am looking forward to the day when a wider space is needed to accommodate all the CCRN certificates we have on the wall. That will be the greatest accomplishment to look forward to, not only will it empower our nurses but the greatest beneficiary will be our patients."

Pictured front row from left: Lorelie Belardo, RN; Nhurunejar Pegarido, RN; Sonia Rivadelo, RN, CCRN; Carmen Sullano, RN, CCRN. Second row from left: Catherine Graham, RN-Director of Nursing; Othilyn Gonzales, RN, CCRN; Lyn Kemp, RN, CCRN; Josefina Rodriguez, RN, CCRN; Adolfa Mutia, RN, CCRN; Ron Ciubotaru, MD-ICU Medical Director; Evelyn Castillo, RN, CCRN; Hyacinth Brown, RN, CCRN; Brigitte Cypress, RN, CCRN; Agnes Lucero, RN, CCRN; Susan Tina, RN. Last row from left: Cris Grantham, M.D.; Richard Stumacker, M.D.; Vijarao Edla, RN, CCRN; Pauline Francis Lattery, RN-ICU Nurse Manager; and Milagros Briu, RN. The following CCRNs were unable to attend the event: Theresa Bullicer, RN, CCRN; Marietta Castorico, RN, CCRN; Anita Nacario, RN, CCRN; Brenda Obleada, RN, CCRN; and Katherine Rodriguez, RN, CCRN

Washington Hospital Center, Washington, D.C.

Nurses in the cardiovascular recovery room (CVRR) at Washington Hospital Center are pictured next to the CCRN Wall of Honor, which is proudly displayed on their unit. Pam Leonard, RN, BSN, Head Nurse of the CVRR was inspired by the original Wall of Honor developed by Charlotte Farris and her group at Baylor University Medical Center. Pam stated, "This display is not just a great way to recognize the nurses for their professional commitment, but also encourages others to pursue advanced certification. We currently have seven CCRN-certified nurses, two of which also hold the Cardiac Surgery (CSC) subspecialty certification. We plan to add several to the wall of honor each year in our pursuit of the Beacon Award for Critical Care Excellence."

Pictured from left: Charles Hayes, RN, CCRN-CSC; Pam Leonard, RN, CCRN-CSC; Lori Reeder, RN, CCRN; Ann Casamento, RN, CCRN; Jeanne Boyer RN, CCRN; Dick Verstraete, RN, CCRN; Susan Wilner, RN, CCRN

Baylor University Medical Center, Dallas, Texas

Charlotte Farris, RN, BSN, ICU Manager at Baylor University Medical Center is promoting certification in a big way! She has created a Wall of Honor recognizing certified nurses in her unit. The CCRN Wall of Honor was started in August of 2003. At that time there were eight CCRN-certified nurses. As of April 2004, there are 13 CCRN-certified nurses from a core staff of 52, with five more who plan to certify this year. Charlotte stated, "The honor wall will have more plaques on display! This is so exciting to watch my nurses encourage each other to pursue the rigorous testing requirements and continuing education, striving to create a culture of exceptional care in our cardiac surgery, thoracic, vascular, heart and lung transplant ICU." Two other ICU units at Baylor are adopting the idea of creating a wall of honor. The recognition of the certified nurses on the wall of honor is symbolic of the commitment to excellence and public protection through nursing certification.

Charlotte Farris, RN, BSN, is pictured with Mike Williford, RN, BSN, in front of their Wall of Honor.


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