CE Center FAQs

Is it true that all membership levels receive unlimited CE credits?
Yes, as long as you are a member in good standing, you will not have to pay for your CE credits via the AACN Online CE Center.
I have mailed in many of my CE applications, and do not see these on my transcript list? How come?
When CE applications are mailed in, we must manually grade these applications. This process can take up to four to six (4 to 6) weeks. AACN members will need to check their transcipts after this time, and print your own CE certificate. In the event that you did not successfully pass, you will be notified via email or by standard mail. AACN non-members will receive CE certificates via email in a PDF format.
If I am having trouble with the CE center, whom do I contact for assistance?
Contact AACN Customer Care at (800) 899-2226 or email education@aacn.org.
I really like the transcript feature, but I can only see my last year of activities. I know there are more on there, so how do I find the entire list?
The CE Online Center has a search/sort function to tailor the transcript list to your specific needs. The default view for all transcripts is to show the current year of activity. However, using the sort/search function at the top of the transcript list, you can view your entire transcript history using the date sort feature. You may also sort your transcript by provider, and by CERP category. AACN does not remove or delete CE transscripts so all CE history is listed. If you manually entered a CE by mistake please contact AACN and it will be removed.
My CE certificate shows some of my personal information in small case letters, such as the first letter of my last name and my city. How do I correct this?
Your CE certificate will display your name, address, city, state and zip code exactly as you have entered them into the CE system at checkout (if you are an existing customer or member, this is not an issue). Be sure when you are completing the checkout form after purchasing a CE test, or membership, that you use capital letters where appropriate for your name, address, etc. This information is exactly what will appear on your subsequent CE certificate.
How do I print my CE certificate? 
To print a CE Certificate in your transcripts, click the printer icon to the right of the CE title.
I have selected a CE offering and an error displayed "Test No Longer Available." What does this mean? 
All CE offerings expire after four years in accordance to ANCC guidelines with the exception of a CE that has not been renewed after three years due to irrelevant content.
I completed a CE test, but my transcipt displays "In Progress."  What does this mean?
All CE tests include two evaluations. If the evaluations are not completed, the CE test has not been submitted for CE and will indicate "In Progress" on your transcipts. If a test is incomplete (i.e., a question has not been answered), then "In progress" will also be indicated on your transcripts. If you failed a test, "In Progress" will be indicated on your transcripts. Be sure to complete all questions and the evaluation so that you receive your credit.
On my trascript in the Score field some say "Pass" and some have a ratio number.  What is the difference?
For those CE tests where a "Pass" is listed in the score field, this indicates an essay style test, which are not graded.  For those CE tests, where there is a ratio number, this indicates a multiple choice test. The number indicated is the number correct out of the number of questions.
Can I retake a CE test, that I have already passed, in order to achieve a higher score?
No. However, you may retake a CE test as many times as necessary to pass.

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