Instructions for Bulk Mail Permit Form

AACN chapters are permitted to use AACN’s bulk mail permit for chapter mailings, and must complete the attached form and provide it to their local US Post Office. Please follow these directions:

  • Section 1: Under “American Association of Critical-Care Nurses” enter “dba Chapter Name” (you must spell out the full chapter name; do not use acronyms).
  • Section 2: Enter the chapter’s P.O. box, if you have one, otherwise, enter the chapter president’s address, or the address you want returned mail to be delivered to.
  • Section 3: Enter the name of the chapter president or chapter treasurer.
  • Section 4: Enter the phone number of the person entered in Section 3.
  • Section 5: Leave as is.
  • Section 6: Enter information requested, which would be the post office your chapter intends to use.
  • Section 7: Enter information requested.
  • Section 8: Signature of the chapter president or chapter treasurer, whichever person is listed in Section 3.
  • Section 9: Your chapter title: “Chapter President” or “Chapter Treasurer.”
  • Section 10: Date signed.

Make a copy of your completed form and save it with your chapter records.

You will need to take the completed application to your post office, so they can complete the processing. If your post office requests it, the AACN Customer Registration ID number is #4399254.

Questions should be directed to or (800) 394-5995, x365.

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