AACN Chapter Leadership Development Workshop Case Study # 7 – Version 1

Case Study 7 – Version 2
Case Study 7 – Version 3

Case Study #7:

Rules of Engagement or Dis-Engagement 

(Fictitious) Chapter Name:

Blue Lagoon Chapter 

# of Chapter Members:


# of Chapter Officers and Board Members:

Five chapter officers (president, president-elect, secretary, treasurer, membership chair). Officers serve two-year terms.

Rural/Urban Area:


How active is this chapter?

Three chapter meetings in 2011. One meeting in 2012. Chapter sponsored CCRN review in October 2011.  

Background Information:

Chapter obtained charter in 1992 starting with 45 members. Chapter president and chapter treasurer have served three terms.

Conflict or Issues:

A successful CCRN review according to the chapter president was singlehandedly organized by her. She is feeling burned out.

She called for a board meeting in the fall and two people came. She is worried about the future of the chapter.

Other chapter officers say, “she wants to do everything herself so we let her. It’s her way or the highway. 

Things you need to know about this chapter:

Chapter treasury: $2450.00. Chapter almost disbanded in 2010 due to consistently late financial reporting. Membership dues are $10.


Participants: Identify the HWE standard(s) that would apply to this scenario and how you would operationalize them as you consider possible solutions.

(X) Skilled Communication
(X) True Collaboration
(X) Effective Decision Making
(X) Appropriate Staffing
(X) Meaningful Recognition
(X) Authentic Leadership

Skilled Communication

  • Lack of communication among members.
  • Know when to say “I need help.”
  • To improve Crucial Conversations — talk about frustrations.
  • True Collaboration
  • Reach out to region — get advice on ways to improve.
  • Reach out to each other/help each other schedule set meetings
    • Maybe at different locations, teleconference.

Effective Decision Making

  • One person can’t do it all alone.
    • Work together at meetings, find other forms of communication, webinar, conference call, etc.

Appropriate Staffing

  • Everyone needs to know what is expected of them and be able to follow through.
    • Look at videos online.
  • Right people for right job.
    • Promote advantages — get the word out.

Meaningful Recognition

  • Personal thank you (person to person).
    • You’ve done a really good job.”
    • “How can we help you?”
  • Authentic leadership.
  • Have crucial conversation.
    • Leader needs to recognize weaknesses and when to take a break.
  • Improve communication, collaboration.

Skilled Communication

  • Crucial conversation — everyone on same page.
  • Is leader engaged or to burned out?
  • Any other members engaged or find ways to engage members.
  • Reach out to chapter/region advisor (CAT) for advice or to get ideas.
  • Closed-loop communication.
  • Use different methods of communication
    • Teleconference
    • Web/Skype
    • Emails
  • Evaluate what is working or what will work for the chapter year to year.
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