Chapter Leadership Development Workshop – 2012 Case Studies 

Healthy work environments (HWE) is one of the three major advocacy initiatives on which AACN believes will help achieve our vision of "a healthcare system where acute and critical care nurses can make their optimal contribution." HWE is very relevant for AACN chapters as well. 

Following are several different case studies of both unhealthy and healthy chapter environments. During the 2012 Chapter Leadership Development Workshop at NTI, participants worked together to identify the HWE standards that applied to each case study, and also developed potential solutions to the unhealthy scenarios.

You’ll notice a variety of responses to some of the case studies, which shows how participants interpreted the HWE standards for each scenario. As you review these case studies, think about your own chapter and how you would apply the HWE standards of:

  • Skilled Communication
  • True Collaboration
  • Effective Decision Making
  • Appropriate Staffing
  • Meaningful Recognition
  • Authentic Leadership

All workplaces can become healthy, including volunteer groups like chapters, if chapter members are resolute in addressing not only the physical environment, but also less tangible barriers. However, we know that this will not happen without an understanding of the HWE standards and a commitment to embrace solutions when situations require them.

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