E-Learning for the Nursing Professional

You care for the critically ill … it’s critical you also care for your education.

As an indispensible nursing professional, you know that maintaining expertise requires constant reassessment and extensive study of nursing theory and practice. To stay up-to-date in your clinical skills, it is essential to pursue continuing nursing education.

Getting Started
with E-Learning
Getting Started
with E-Learning

AACN’s E-Learning program offers an immersive environment that keeps learners focused, stimulated and empowered to succeed. Whether you are interested in E-Learning courses for yourself or your organization, you’ve come to the right place! All AACN E-Learning courses offer ANCC recognized CNE hours.


The AACN Advantage

As the largest specialty nursing organization in the world, AACN provides members of our community the tools and resources necessary to further their careers and provide optimum care to their patients. We designed our E-Learning program with you, the nurse, in mind:

Have It Your Way — Through our customized Learning Management System (LMS), called LearnCenter, we can deliver AACN's gold standard E-Learning curricula to an individual, without the need for a site license, or to an organization through single or multiple LearnCenters.

Easy to Access — All you need is a compatible computer connected to the Internet, and you’re ready to go. No software to install or upgrade. All courses are Web-based and available 24/7.

Self-Paced — We know you’re busy, so we’ve made our E-Learning program accessible anywhere, anytime, at any pace, allowing learners to start and stop at their convenience without concern for classroom or educator availability.

Regularly Updated — Our online courses are regularly reviewed by content experts and updated to reflect current best practices in acute/critical care nursing.

Blended Learning Approach — Alternative methods for quality critical care education enhance the educator's options to provide learning in effective and timely formats. Our E-Learning programs provide knowledge that can then be applied during patient care with a preceptor or in a skills lab with a qualified educator. Each LearnCenter now comes with a free course on Blended Learning available to all site managers.

Tracking Features — Organizations can use AACN’s LearnCenter to chart learners’ progress, while scored exams at the end of each module measure comprehension level and pinpoint specific learning needs.

Support Materials — Support materials vary depending on the type of course — and type of license — but with enrollment in any AACN E-Learning course, you’ll be provided with a variety of tools to help you get the most out of your learning experience.

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