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Certification Online Review Courses 

AACN’s online certification reviews have been developed to assist you on your certification journey and may be accessed from any Internet-connected computer. Each review course streams directly to your computer, giving you the flexibility to study anytime, anywhere.

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Adult Courses

CCRN/CCRN-E/CCRN-K Certification Review Online — ADULT
Designed for nurses who care for acutely and/or critically ill patients, this review course provides in-depth preparation for the CCRN, CCRN-E and CCRN-K certification exams.

CMC Certification Review Online
Certified nurses seeking subspecialty certification in cardiac medicine (CMC) will benefit from this course’s detailed content review in preparation for the CMC exam.

CSC Certification Review Online
This review course helps certified nurses working with acutely and/or critically ill cardiac surgical patients to better prepare for the certification in cardiac surgery (CSC) subspecialty exam.

PCCN Certification Review Online
Limited time offer: Receive a 50% discount on AACN's on-demand PCCN Certification Review Course when purchased with your PCCN exam.

This course supports progressive care nurses studying for PCCN certification by providing a detailed content review that aligns with the current PCCN test plan.

Pediatric Courses

CCRN/CCRN-K Certification Review Online — PEDIATRIC
For nurses specializing in caring for acutely and/or critically ill pediatric patients, this review course delivers focused preparation for the Pediatric CCRN and CCRN-K exams.

Advanced Practice Courses

ACNPC-AG Certification Review Online
This comprehensive review course assists aspiring adult-gerontology acute care nurse practitioners (ACNPs) in preparing for the ACNPC-AG certification exam.

ACCNS-AG Certification Review Online
This comprehensive review course assists aspiring adult-gerontology acute care clinical nurse specialists (CNSs) in preparing for the ACCNS-AG certification exam.

 ACCNS-P Certification Review Online
This comprehensive review course is designed to assist pediatric clinical nurse specialists (CNSs) educated at the graduate level in preparing for the ACCNS-P certification exam.




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