Circle of Excellence: Greater Milwaukee Area Chapter

Excellence in Collaboration

Greater Milwaukee Area Chapter of AACN, Milwaukee, Wis., members range from nursing students to advanced practice nurses. Board members represent various institutions, and several participate nationally. We know we are strong. But are we?

Acting with intention, we asked ourselves:

  • How should we should improve?
  • Do we support AACN initiatives?
  • Are we leading the way to act "Together. Stronger. Bolder."?

AACN’s annual theme became our challenge. Together we examined our practices during our strategic planning meeting.

We have a great PCCN/CCRN review. Our students come from only one professor.

Half of our members are certified. This area has a single Beacon unit.

We boldly embraced areas to improve upon. We changed venues by moving to a college.

Each meeting highlights a different AACN initiative with a poster. We share an NTI moment of an extraordinary nursing event.

But is this really "Together. Stronger. Bolder."?

We wanted to share the professional flame nourished through chapter membership. Past presidents formed a task force for our GE Healthcare & AACN-GMAC Professional Nurses’ Networking Night, featuring student poster presentations.

Deans shared the invitation with professors so students could shine. Taking our collaborative challenge one step further, we invited other nursing organizations to share their purpose and strengths. Our display board was prominently placed.

We introduced AACN’s Healthy Work Environment initiative. Students participated in networking and sharing their achievements in a friendly venue.

The area’s chapters will all grow as attendees are able to find one that fits their passion. We strengthen the ties across local chapters and the ties from education to practice.

We have plans for next year: Beacon designation.

"Together. Stronger. Bolder." is good for Milwaukee. GE provided a neutral space for many entities to join in recognizing our next nursing generation and local nursing chapters. This collaborative opportunity has been exciting.

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