Circle of Excellence: Greater Milwaukee Area Chapter

Presented in memory of Sharon Connor, AACN director of membership and chapters from 1985 to 1997, for her advocacy of volunteerism and dedication to the success of chapters

Excellence in Leadership Development

Building our future on our past, with the AACN heritage flowing through the Greater Milwaukee Area Chapter, Milwaukee, Wis., together we have decided to strongly and boldly examine our succession planning.

We consistently have new faces on our board. How do we do this?

Our Base

Many members are highly motivated and are given the opportunity to grow. Individuals are initially invited to participate with small tasks. We personally and publicly thank them.

Our Constants

The chapter meets bimonthly, with the location being altered periodically for varying commute times. Eighty individuals gather for eating, networking and continuing education.

Board meetings are held on the opposite months. Board Learning Partners, Member-at-Large and elected positions expose members to the board’s teamwork.

Projects are broken into manageable time commitments.

Our Past Board Members

Our greatest strength flows from those who have preceded us. They have secured meeting locations and opened doors for us to host special events — such as our networking night, featuring student poster presentations. The enthusiasm they have for nursing shines through loud and clear.

Our Hunt

The nomination process is spearheaded by our past president, but everyone is on the lookout for future officers.

Our Method

We have learned that person-to-person contact is the most successful in drawing members onto the board. Many board members started by participating on an education committee.

Our committees grow when they meet at restaurants. Creating small tasks allows several volunteers time to partake of the sessions. Everyone is asked for feedback to help improve the next event.

Our Success

Since our inception in 1972, we have seen only a rare instance in any repeat officer position. We have channeled our individual strengths together to help the chapter become stronger as we boldly promote critical care nursing and leadership.

Your Feedback