Circle of Excellence: Metropolitan Orlando Chapter

Presented in memory of Sharon Connor, AACN director of membership and chapters from 1985 to 1997, for her advocacy of volunteerism and dedication to the success of chapters

Excellence in Leadership Development

Metropolitan Orlando Chapter of AACN, Orlando, Fla., remains committed to leadership development through the inspiration of "Together. Stronger. Bolder."

Together means building strength through relationships by unifying nurses and diversifying leadership.

Stronger, we proceeded to improve the engagement of our members with new leadership roles.

Bolder, the Board authorized a restructuring task force resulting in an expanded board of 13 members, allowing more opportunities to participate in and develop leadership roles.

The expanded board structure provides for a seamless leadership transition and a consistent strategic plan. The chapter’s succession plan is woven into the committee structure.

Our goals are to recruit newer members for participation, identify potential leadership candidates, and mold the talents of members for leadership.

Our ongoing strategic plan aligns new leadership ideas and styles while upholding AACN’s mission, vision and values. Our key goals include:

  • Promoting certification.
  • Developing CNE programs that focus on current issues.
  • Analyzing budgets and financial sustainability.
  • Communicating with member.
  • Identifying community service opportunities.

A transition meeting builds relationships among chapter leaders who serve as a cohesive network of resources for all chapter members. During transition, new and outgoing leaders meet to celebrate successes and formalize a new agenda, fostering new ideas and discussing opportunities for improvement.

The chapter replicates consistency in leadership excellence with our operations manual that refers to the historical data of chapter development, provides order and structure to operations and outlines roles and responsibilities of chapter leaders.

Metropolitan Orlando Chapter is proud of the collaborative efforts of our leadership team and the structure that supports an expanded reach into the membership. We offer sincere thanks to our members whose diversity we embrace and whose engagement inspires us.

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