Circle of Excellence: Greater Portland Chapter

Excellence in Collaboration

Greater Portland Chapter of AACN, Portland, Ore., Critical Care Consortium Committee exemplifies excellence in chapter collaboration. The GPC-AACN Critical Care Consortium Committee is a collaboration of the GPC-AACN and 14 regional hospitals.

In recognizing the need to standardize critical care educational preparation, the GPC-AACN collaborated with area hospitals for consistency in critical care basic education.

Since 1997, this partnership of regional clinical nurse specialists, educators and managers representing our hospital and health system partners has been able to offer an AACN CNE-approved 6-day core critical care program three to four times a year for nurses new to the critical care setting.

Goals include setting a community standard for and offering access to critical care education locally and regionally, reducing duplicate efforts in critical care courses and developing excellent instructors for the course.

"GPC-AACN Introduction to Critical Care" course is designed to be the didactic portion of a concurrent precepted orientation experience for a registered nurse or for senior nursing students with a concurrent precepted clinical rotation.

Collaboration of clinical leaders in the area hospital systems and nursing schools is essential to:

  • Develop and update objectives for the course.
  • Recruit qualified speakers.
  • Develop new speakers for the course.
  • Coordinate and support the courses at the various hospital locations.
  • Ensure the criteria are met and application is submitted for continuing nursing education hours.
  • Appropriately select those nurses and students new to critical care.

It is offered free to those approved from the Consortium and for a nominal fee to students and others.

The GPC-AACN Consortium has offered 43 courses since its inception, training more than 2,000 nurses to date. Together, we are growing stronger new nurses in the region to make a bolder impact in our communities.

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