Educational Programming: Inland Empire Chapter

To partner with a high-fidelity simulation center to address hot topics in critical care nursing using scripted scenarios combined with access to selected vendors that mirror the featured topics. 

Three Simulation Lab Rooms were run simultaneously. Vendors received recommendations to incorporate 30-minute sessions featuring short interactive scenarios, including protocols, recommendations from The Joint Commission, safety issues and demonstration of equipment closely aligned with workshop objectives.

Color-coded bags distinguished each group and were selected at random to promote networking among members of the 23 represented institutions.

Analysis of pre/postknowledge assessment data showed that the levels of confidence in the subject matter were higher for the scenarios on sepsis and insulin protocol compared to the one on hypothermia. Levels of confidence improved in the postassessment analysis for all three scenarios, with the greatest gain in the hypothermia scenario.

Participants expressed a high degree of satisfaction during the debriefing sessions for all scenarios.

The overall program evaluation indicated that participants were satisfied or very satisfied in all categories for scenarios and vendor presentations, which included materials presented, the delivery of the content, printed materials and the learning environment.

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