December Exhibitor Bulletin for NTI 2013

Time to Enter Your ExpoGuide Description and Product Category Listings for the NTI 2013 ExpoGuide

Complimentary listings are available for all NTI 2013 exhibitors in the ExpoGuide. Exhibitors are now able to enter their own ExpoGuide Description and Product Category Listings on the NTI 2013 website.

Descriptions and product categories must be entered by February 6, 2013, to be included in the ExpoGuide. If your company description is not entered by February 6, 2013, only your company name, address, website and booth number will be listed.

Companies that submit applications after February 6, 2013, will only be listed on the NTI website and NTI Voices, the on-site daily newspaper.

Material Handling Costs

To assist you with your budget planning for NTI 2013 in Boston, AACN’s Official Service Contractor, has provided drayage costs for you. If you have any questions, please contact Freeman at (781) 380-7550.

Warehouse Shipment (200 lb. minimum), Crated or Skidded Shipment $121.65
Show Site Shipment (200 lb. minimum), Crated or Skidded Shipment $116.95


To respect our contractual obligations and agreements with various conference supporters during NTI, AACN requests that your organization adhere to the following guidelines.

All distribution of promotional or educational materials must be confined to the perimeters of the exhibitor’s booth.

Please note that Massachusetts state law requires manufacturers of medical devices/equipment and pharmaceuticals to distribute only educational items to Massachusetts licensed healthcare professionals.

  • Bags: AACN now permits NTI exhibitors to give away bags of any size or type.
  • Food: All food and beverage items to be given away must be ordered through the convention center.
    • Beverage containers must be 8 oz. or less.
    • All food items, including candy, must be individually wrapped. Popcorn, peanuts in the shell and alcohol are not permitted.
  • Apparel: All apparel items, including T-shirts, must be approved by AACN.
    • Any use of the AACN logo, NTI logo or NTI theme art is strictly prohibited.
  • Other Prohibited Items: Helium balloons, noisemakers, decals, cash, lottery tickets, pocketknives or weapons of any type are not permitted.

Advertising and Marketing Opportunities

Please call SLACK, Inc. at (800) 257-8290 if you are interested in advertising in the NTI Program, NTI Schedule, NTI Voices, NTI Newswires, NTI Voices website or the NTI Welcome Bags.

For product, device or pharmaceutical advertising contact Kathy Huntley, ext. 249 or For career opportunity and recruitment advertising, call Monique McLaughlin, ext. 200 or

Conference Support Opportunities

AACN offers dozens of possibilities to maximize your presence and visibility at NTI. Opportunities include support of special events, conference areas and official giveaway items.

Contact Randy Bauler CEM, at (800) 394-5995 ext. 366 or email for available sponsorship opportunities at NTI.

NTI 2013 Conference Support Opportunities include:

  • Self Study Pavilion: This popular E-Learning lab attracts 1,500 nurses over five days — $30,000 or $15,000 per co-supporter.
  • Advance Practice Institute (API) Reception: To be held on Tuesday night for AACN's most skilled and experienced nurses — $20,000 or $10,000 per co-supporter. 
  • Certification Oasis: This popular lounge is visited by certified nurses seeking certification information — $30,000 or $15,000 per co-supporter.
  • NTI Highlighters: Sponsor's name and logo appears on each highlighter to go in the attendee bags — $12,000.
  • CE Computers/Cyber Cafe: Located in a high traffic area and open all six days — $24,000 or $12,000 per co-supporter. 
  • Charging Stations: Sponsor's name and logo appears on each station in high traffic locations — $4,000 per station.
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