ExpoEd Information

ExpoEd is AACN's widely respected program of continuing education sessions open to companies and organizations exhibiting at the National Teaching Institute & Critical Care Exposition® (NTI).

ExpoEd sessions are brief educational presentations on topics relevant to critical care nursing practice or patient care issues presented to attendees in the exhibitors' booths.

Due to the current environment and regulations regarding educational activities in proximity to exhibitors, we have instituted specific protocols to assure that AACN can continue to offer this activity to our participants. We appreciate your adherence to these guidelines.

ExpoEd Application 

ExpoEd Information, Regulations and Guidelines

ExpoEd Guidelines

  • Adhere to the high quality standards of AACN's educational design policy and address a company or organization's educational goals by providing access to a knowledgeable audience.
  • Apply concepts and principles related to patient care issues and clinical practice.
  • Are no longer than 25 minutes.
  • Take place in an exhibitor’s assigned exhibit space.
  • Award Continuing Education Recognition Points (CERPs). 

What Are Continuing Education Recognition Points (CERPs)? 

CERPs are recognized by AACN Certification Corporation, AACN’s credentialing arm, to encompass a wide spectrum of continuing education activities performed by nurses in high acuity and critical care. AACN recommends nurses consult with the state board or credentialing organization before submitting CERPs to fulfill continuing education requirements for license or certification renewal. ExpoEd sessions award 0.5 CERPs. 

Application Deadlines

  • Feb. 6, 2017 – Applications with session and speaker information that are received by this date will be listed in the 2017 Program and ExpoGuide and on the NTI website.
    • If your application with session and speaker information is received after Feb. 6, 2017, it will not be included in the Program and ExpoGuide, but will be listed on the NTI website.
  • Feb. 6, 2017 – Submit a listing of scheduled times and dates for each presentation to expoed@aacn.org.
    • Listing received after Feb. 6, 2017 will not be included in the 2017 Program Schedule provided on-site to all attendees.

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To Apply for ExpoEd

To apply for ExpoEd, please complete the ExpoEd Application (link above). Your session and speaker information, as well as payment, will be needed to complete the form. 

There will be a delay in processing the application if title, learning objectives and/or description exceed word limitations (100,140 and 1000 characters with spaces, respectively).  AACN reserves the right to alter title, objectives or descriptions that exceed the character limitations or request edits be made by the applicant.


If you present ExpoEd sessions in your exhibitor booth, the first title is $700; all subsequent titles are $500 each.  There will be a delay in processing the application if payment is not included when you submit.

Criteria for Acceptance

  • All sessions must meet AACN's standards for CERPs.
    • Acceptable presentations will contain educational concepts that relate to the technology or service.
  • The session must demonstrate the application of concepts and principles as they relate to critical care nursing practice or patient care issues.
  • Sessions are to be no longer than 25 minutes and presented within the company's assigned exhibit space.
  • Speakers must be knowledgeable and able to handle specific content and/or technical questions.

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Videotaping ExpoEd Sessions

Videotaping of ExpoEd sessions is not allowed without the prior written consent of AACN.

NTI exhibitors can offer education on the exhibit floor through ExpoEd sessions that apply concepts and principles about patient care and clinical practice. Sessions use a variety of formats (e.g., live and multimedia presentations, computer-assisted self-learning and hands-on demonstrations) and must adhere to the high standards of AACN's educational plan. Sessions may be specific to certain equipment, products and services, and should be clinical in nature. 


The Exhibiting Company Will Provide

  • Adequate booth space and personnel to provide an acceptable CERP atmosphere and ensure that all sessions take place within the confines of the booth space. There is no standing room allowed.
  •  Exhibit personnel must redirect participants to attend the next scheduled session if there are no available seats.
  • The exhibitor must be responsible for providing an adequate number of copies of the content description, learning outcomes and references to participants attending their ExpoEd session(s). 
  • ExpoEd sessions are to be held in a minimum of a 10x20' booth.
  • Clearly designated area(s) within the booth, for the ExpoEd session.
  • A listing of scheduled times and dates for sessions emailed to expoed@aacn.org by Feb. 6, 2017.
  • Session Schedule – Sessions are to start at these specified times:
    • Tuesday/Wednesday - 10:45, 11;30, 12:15, 1:00, 1:45, 2:30, 3:15
    • Thursday - 9:30, 10:15, 11:00
    • NTI nurse attendees want to maximize their CERP credits and attend as many ExpoEd sessions as possible. By using specific start times, you’re helping your nurse customers to achieve their goals. Specific start and end times improve tracking and make awarding CERP credits as efficient as possible.
  • Posting of scheduled times and dates for sessions at booth.
  • Adherence to all rules and regulations outlined in the Exhibitor Service Kit regarding booth activities, noise levels and demonstration areas.
  • All audiovisual and presentation equipment if presenting in booth.

AACN Will Provide

  • Approval email with the ExpoEd class code and CERP category will be sent in late March.
  • A listing in the Program and ExpoGuide, containing the title, speaker, exhibitor/sponsor, content description and learning outcomes for each ExpoEd session, when submitted by Feb. 6, 2017. 
    • The Program and ExpoGuide is placed in all participants' registration packets and will include ExpoEd information only for applications received by the deadline.
  • A listing in the Program Schedule and on the NTI website containing booth number, exhibitor/sponsor, title, class code, CERPs awarded and date and time when submitted by Feb. 6, 2017.
  • To those exhibitors that submit their ExpoEd materials after the Feb. 6th deadline date, a listing of their ExpoEd session title(s) and class codes on the NTI website.
  • CERP credit and CE/CERP certificates to attendees.
    • No other accredited providers of CERP may grant CERP for this activity.
    • 25 minutes of continuing education equals 0.5 CERP.
  • Session evaluation results to exhibitors.
  • Signage indicating an exhibitor's participation in the ExpoEd Program. 
  • Dedicated time for the exhibit hall.
    • The Critical Care Exposition offers 14 hours of exhibit time with 10 hours of dedicated time.


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