NTI ActionPak

Learning the latest, bringing it to the bedside

As you gear up for an amazing NTI educational adventure, we thought you might appreciate a resource to help organize your learning before, during and after the conference.

NTI ActionPak is a set of tools developed for and with nurses like you specifically to organize and optimize your NTI learning experience. Use these resources to plan, learn and act on new knowledge and skills. 

  • Plan: Tools to help find the right combination of educational sessions and resources that suits your learning style and professional development goals.
  • Learn: Tools that enable you to take in, record and reflect on new clinical knowledge, innovation products and resources, and helpful networking connections.
  • Act: Tools to assist you in sharing learning with your unit and applying it in your practice for better patient outcomes.

Download All

Download the individual NTI ActionPak components:

  • NTI ActionPak Introduction [PDF]. An overview of the tools and resources included in the NTI ActionPak to support your NTI learning journey. 
  • My NTI Learning Plan [PDF]. Step-by-step guidelines to help you define key learning needs for yourself and your unit, and to identify associated learning opportunities for your schedule.
  • NTI Network Quick Tips [PDF]. At-a-glance information to get you started using NTI Network – a powerful online planning, learning and networking resource – in a flash.
  • NTI Learning Action Journal [PDF sample; printed journal provided on-site at NTI]. An all-in-one booklet designed to record your conference learning experiences; use it for note-taking, tracking activities, documenting new contacts, brainstorming and more.
  • My NTI Action Plan [PDF]. A reflection tool to consolidate and prioritize your key conference takeaways and make specific action plans for sharing and applying them back at home.

NTI ActionPak documents are also available on NTI Network.

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