NTI Cost-Saving Strategies

This year's NTI promises once again to be a high-value event designed to provide an unsurpassed educational experience for your investment. Utilize some of the cost-effective ideas below to help ensure you can attend NTI this year.

Find Help With Funding

  • Inquire about foundation or hospital auxiliary education grants at your hospital.
  • Ask physician colleagues to sponsor your attendance.
  • Find out if your local chapter offers NTI scholarships.
  • Take advantage of the AACN chapter member rebate.

Explore Alternative Staffing Options

  • If staffing is tight, share appropriate staff members across units to cover nurses who want to attend.
  • If only a few can attend, send an experienced nurse and a new nurse as learning partners.
  • When you live within driving distance, one-day registration allows more nurses to attend.
  • Host an essay contest to determine who will attend.


  • Use NTI airfare discount codes when you book travel.
  • Book discounted hotel rooms through NTI Online Housing Bureau.
  • Share a hotel room with colleagues.
  • Pick a hotel with amenities like complimentary breakfast and free shuttle service.
  • Come for the day if you live near New Orleans but can’t attend the entire NTI. 


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