NTI Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs: Planning Ahead

Q: How do I know ahead of time what educational sessions will be offered?
You can sort sessions by title, speaker, level, type, track, day and time.

Q: What other planning tools are available?
 The NTI Network web portal keeps your conference planning all in one place and at your fingertips. Attendees can create their schedules, network and share information with each other online and reserve a space in special sessions with limited seating. NTI registrants must join NTI Network to use the site.

Q: What else should I know as I plan?
A: Our popular sessions fill up quickly and the convention center is very big, so allow for travel time and arrive early to the sessions you really want to attend. Be sure to note an alternative session if your first choice is full when you arrive. Due to fire marshall regulation we cannot permit any sitting or standing in the aisles or doorways of session rooms.

Q: Are session handouts available ahead of time?
A: If the learning facilitator has provided materials in advance, they are available online through the NTI Network by clicking on the session title. After NTI, you can contact learning facilitators to request presentation slides or other handouts. Speaker contact information is available in your Program Guide and online. Due to copyright laws, AACN cannot reproduce and distribute session materials on behalf of the facilitator.

Q: What educational offerings are there for advanced practice nurses? Can I only go to API sessions?
A: The Advanced Practice Institute (API) at NTI offers our advance practice nurses the opportunity to get preconference, clinical, hands-on, leadership development and pharmacology sessions all in one place. Any NTI or API registered participant may attend any session or event unless it is identified “ticketed session” or “invitation only.”

Q: I haven’t had the chance to plan ahead of time. What should I do when I arrive?
A: If you don’t have time to plan your schedule before you arrive, you can plan online from any computer connected to the Internet or on your smartphone via the NTI Network. Review the Program Guide, which has general NTI/API information, a full list of events and session content descriptions and learning facilitators. The Program Schedule has a list of all events at NTI/API by day, date, time and type of event or session. The location, contact hours and class codes are also listed for easy reference. The Program Guide and Schedule are in the NTI bag you pick up at Bag Distribution.

FAQs: Continuing Nursing Education (CNEs)

Q: How do I enter CNEs?
A: Use the session evaluation worksheet in the back of the Learning Action Journal to keep track of your activities and enter at your convenience any of the following ways:

  • At the conference:
    • Visit the CNE computers, where you can either enter all the sessions you attended at once or enter an evaluation after each session you attend.
      • The CNE computers consolidate all of the evaluations into a final transcript that can be printed and presented to your licensing authority.
  • Online, anytime through June 2015:
    • Enter the CNEs you have earned, complete your program and session evaluations and print out your transcript online from home.
  • With NTI Network:
    • Don’t wait in line at the CNE computers.
    • Complete your program and session evaluations in real-time with your smartphone, and get your CNE credits by printing your transcript from any computer connected to the Internet.

Q: Do I have to complete a program evaluation to receive CNE credit?
Yes, you must complete both the program evaluation AND evaluate the sessions you attended to receive your continuing education contact hours. You will be able to enter your CNEs until mid-June 2015.

Q: How many CNEs can I get at the Critical Care Exposition?
In the exhibit hall, some of the exhibitors offer ExpoEd sessions. Each ExpoEd session is worth .5 CERPs. You may receive up to six CERPs through ExpoEd educational offerings. Find out more about CEs and CERPs.

FAQs: Registration and Reservations

Q: How do I register for Sunrise Sessions?
Reservation requests for NTI special sessions with limited seating, including Sunrise Sessions, are handled through the NTI Network online reservation system. You must join the NTI Network to reserve your space, then:

  • Scroll over the title of the session you would like to attend under the “Full Session Schedule” tab. A message will appear in the lower right corner if the session is full.
  • If the session is available, click “Attend” in the lower right corner of the message to add it to your schedule, or click on the session title to view the full session description and then click “Add to My Schedule.”
  • If your first choice is full, check back periodically to see if any space has opened up.

Q: I did not receive my badge and tickets in the mail. Where do I go?
At the convention center, follow signs to Registration. For verification, we will ask for your confirmation letter or your ID and print your badge and tickets.

Q: Can I register on-site? 
Yes, you can register on-site for the full conference or a single day at Registration.

Q: How much time should I allow if I need to visit Registration?
Give yourself plenty of time to get through the registration line. The heaviest times are Sunday afternoon and early Monday morning. Allow an hour if you arrive at these times.

Q: Can I add or change a session on-site?
Add or change ticketed events, including preconferences, API reception or Certification Celebration at Registration. If there is availability, we will gladly make changes for you. Sunrise Sessions must be changed or canceled through the online reservation system. 

Q: I had to leave the conference suddenly for a personal reason. Do I get a refund?
If you have to leave unexpectedly, contact customer care at (800) 899-2226 ext. 7100 as soon as you can. On an individual basis, we will work with attendees who have to leave early.

Q: What is the barcode on my badge used for? 
The barcode is used in the exhibit hall at our exhibitor booths. If you want more information from an exhibitor, they will scan the barcode to capture your work address and email address. You can have your address changed or email removed from the barcode at Registration.

Q: Can I bring my kids to NTI?
Bring your kids for a fun-filled vacation in San Diego. However, children are not permitted in educational sessions and we do not encourage bringing children to the Critical Care Exposition. If necessary, children will be admitted only when accompanied by a badge-wearing NTI participant at all times. For the safety of attendees and exhibitors, strollers are not permitted in the exhibit hall.

Q: Can I bring a guest to NTI?
Yes, but NTI guests have limited access. Guests can accompany a badge-wearing NTI participant for free in the exhibit hall. For $25, your guest can attend the Super Sessions and walk through the exhibit hall. Guest badges are available at Registration.

Q: Where is Nurses’ Night Off  this year?
 A spectacular Nurses’ Night Off is planned for Wednesday, May 20, at the San Diego Zoo. Ranked number two in the world by TripAdvisor, the zoo has amazing habitats for animals that make it a Southern California must-see. Your NTI registration includes one ticket for the event. Additional tickets for family and friends are $10 and are available for purchase when you register for the conference. Children 3 and younger are free.
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FAQs: Certification

Q: Who can attend the Certification Celebration Dinner?
This dinner is for CCRN, CCRN-E, CCRN-K, PCCN, CMC, CSC, CNML, CCNS, ACCNS-AG, ACCNS-N, ACCNS-P, ACNPC, ACNPC-AG or ACNP-BC certified attendees, as well as those who hold Alumnus, Retired or Inactive status.

Q: Can I take a certification exam at NTI?
: No, paper and pencil exams are no longer offered at NTI. This change helps to ensure that NTI participants enjoy a distraction-free learning environment while attending NTI. Computer-based testing continues to be offered year-round at over 170 AMP testing sites across the U.S. For questions, please email us at certification@aacn.org.

Q: Can I take a certification prep course at NTI?
 Yes, exam prep courses for CNML, PCCN and CCRN/CCRN-E/CCRN-K Adult are offered as one-day preconferences on Sunday, May 17. Preconference attendees receive 6.0 continung nursing education contact hours (CNEs), plus free access to AACN’s On-Demand review course prior to and 60 days after NTI. The on-demand courses offer additional CNEs (14.5 for CCRN/CCRN-E/CCRN-K, 13.0 for PCCN). At this time, CNML does not include an on-demand course.


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