Focus the Flame: AACN's 2014-2015 Theme

On July 1, President Teri Lynn Kiss launched Focus the Flame as AACN’s theme for 2014–2015. 

Original art designed by Canadian artist Helen D’Souza illustrates key elements of this year’s theme.

A bright flame casts its warm glow, radiating the brilliance of excellence in every direction as it rises from the blues and greens of a turbulent sea, revealing familiar shapes — a ship, a labyrinth and what could be large raindrops or perhaps tears — surrounded by predictable patterns and lines amid the disarray. The sea represents the healthcare environment.

Two hands become a flame that, in turn, assumes the shape of a human figure — a nurse lifted by the upturned hands of the flame’s spark.

Caring hands support and celebrate the nurse, but neither the hands nor the nurse are engulfed by the flame. Instead, the hands arise from the flame to summon and direct its power toward the nurse’s heroic figure, which holds a prize — a single lick of flame incised with a heart to represent the nurse’s focused passion.

“F-I-R-E — Fearlessness. Inquiry. Resilience. Engagement. — is an acronym reminding us that caring for our internal flame and focusing it are not optional,” Kiss explains. “F-I-R-E places front of mind the qualities required to care for our flame so we can focus on achieving our mission of driving excellence, because nothing less is acceptable.”

“Later in the year, I hope members of our community of exceptional nurses will nominate individual colleagues and chapters for a Circle of Excellence Award, so we may applaud how they successfully focused their flame,” Kiss says.

Find ideas to implement the theme at work, in your chapter and in other professional activities.

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