NTI 2016 Sunrise Sessions

Sunrise Sessions are early-morning education presentations where experts discuss diverse topics relevant to nursing practice. Each session offers 1.0 CERP.

A wide variety of topics are offered in these sessions by corporate supporters on Tuesday, May 17, and Wednesday, May 18, 7:00–8:30 a.m.

Reserve Your Sunrise Session

Reservations for NTI special sessions with limited seating, including Sunrise Sessions, are made through the NTI Network.

There is no additional fee associated with Sunrise Sessions. Attendees must be registered for NTI to make a reservation and space is limited.

  • View the Sunrise Session list to plan your agenda.
  • Attendees may reserve one session on Tuesday and one session on Wednesday.
  • Sunrise sessions require pre-reservations and fill up well before the conference. 
  • If your first choice is full, you will be able to check back periodically through our new online reservation system to see if any space has opened up.
  • All changes and cancellations for Sunrise Sessions reservations will be handled through the NTI Network.
  • Sessions include a plated breakfast.

Sunrise Session Supporters

Sincere appreciation to this year's Sunrise Session supporters.







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