Sunrise Sessions

Sunrise Sessions on a variety of topics are offered by corporate supporters on Tuesday, May 18, and Wednesday, May 19, 7-8:30 a.m.

Topics and Supporters

To Attend a Sunrise Session

  • Sunset sessions are pre-ticketed and fill up well before the conference. Sessions include a plated breakfast.
  • On your registration form, choose one session and up to two alternates. You will be registered in order of preference.
  • Check the box on the registration form and we'll choose a session for you, if your choices are unavailable.

Read descriptions for each Sunrise Session.

Sincere appreciation to this year's Sunrise Session supporters.

To Support a Sunrise Session
  • New in 2010 — To allow a wider range of learning activities, Sunrise Sessions will award CERPs, instead of traditional continuing nursing education (CNE) credit.
  • Session education content is 60 minutes.
  • Corporate supporters can suggest session topics and speaker(s), determine how many participants they wish to support attending the session and select the session day, if space is available.
  • Read more about supporting a Sunrise Session.
  • 2010 Sunrise Session Application
  • For questions, contact Susan Flynn at 800/394-5995, etc. 511, or write to
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