Dare To — AACN President's Theme

On July 1, President Kathryn Roberts launched Dare To as AACN’s theme for 2012-2013.

 “Dare To,” Roberts explains, “honors our founders’ boldness. I hope that it also will motivate, inspire and engage our community. It can validate something we do well. Or shed light on something we could do differently. Or become a catalyst for personal and professional action. Some of our past themes have done that for me.”

Original art designed by Canadian artist Helen D'Souza illustrates key elements of this year’s theme.

Every nurse has the same inner spark that motivates colleagues to achieve excellence. But it’s up to each nurse to turn that spark into a flame and risk seeking excellence.

“I hope members of our community of exceptional nurses will dare to do that by being nominated for a Circle of Excellence Award, so one day we can applaud their daring,” says Roberts.

"Excellence is a lot like beauty and the beast," she continues. “The beauty is that it’s always changing. But constant change is also the beast of excellence because it means the bar constantly moves higher and higher and higher. To achieve excellence, we have to push, and pull, and evolve, much like the butterfly in this year’s art.”

Similar to a school of fish breaking free from the barriers of a net or an individual who takes on the challenge of skydiving, nurses sustain excellence when they dare to push themselves beyond boundaries.

As individuals and as strong, bold teams, they step beyond their comfort zones to achieve new heights in clinical practice, professional development and personal growth.

Find ideas to implement the theme at work, in your chapter and in other professional activities.

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