Step Forward — AACN President's Theme Materials

Integrate This Year’s Theme Into Your Professional Activities

We provide an array of resources for you, a member of the AACN community, to integrate this year’s theme into your professional activities. Please use the art far and wide to make our theme visible, within the following limitations:

  • Read “From the President” in July 2013 AACN Bold Voices.
  • Use theme art on printed material such as newsletters, flyers, posters, signs, handouts and announcements.
  • Use PowerPoint templates for internal presentations and ones that promote your chapter/institution’s meetings and events.
  • Use approved theme art products from the AACN Online Bookstore to generate revenue for your chapter or institution.
  • Our agreement with the artist does not permit the theme art to be modified or altered in any way.
    • Elements from the art may not be used individually.
    • AACN, its chapters and other members of the AACN community may not resell the theme art for any use by a third party.
  • Please contact the AACN marketing team if you have ideas for using the theme art in other ways.
    • We’ll help you explore what’s possible based on our agreement with the artist, which does not permit unauthorized use of the theme art on any type of apparel or other promotional items.

Theme Resources


Please contact the AACN Marketing team with questions.



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