The Essential ACNP Library


Code of Ethics for Nursing With Interpretive Statements (ANA)
This is ANA's guide for carrying out nursing responsibilities in a manner consistent with quality in nursing care and the ethical obligations of the profession. 

Interpretation of Diagnostic Tests, 8th Ed.
"What tests do I order, and what do the results mean?" Interpretation of Diagnostic Tests, eight edition, provides the answers quickly and clearly for a vast range of adult and pediatric conditions.

Resuscitation and Stabilization of the Critically Ill Child
The care of the critically ill or injured child begins with timely, prompt and aggressive resuscitation and stabilization. In-depth clinical resource for advanced practice nurses.

AACN Scope and Standards for Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Practice
This book describes the scope of practice and standards of professional performance for the acute care nurse practitioner.

Searching Skills Toolkit: Finding the Evidence
Pocket-sized resource to help in searching for evidence.

Tarascon Pocket References
The series of pocket guides succinctly distills and organizes hard-to-remember yet vitally important clinical information all written by experts in their fields.


Internet Journal of Advanced Practice Nursing
Digitally published and open access.

Topics in Advanced Practice Nursing eJournal
This is a Medscape product that requires initial user name and password; otherwise, journal access is free.

Web Resources:

A website that lists current clinical trials enrolling patients, and has professional educational materials and job postings.

Geriatric Pain – Online Education and Resources
This site, a one-stop resource, shares free best-practice tools and resources that support recommendations for good pain assessment and management in older adults, including implementation of quality improvement processes focused on pain management.

Up to Date
More than 6,000 authors, editors and peer reviewers contribute by writing and continuously updating over 10,500 topics addressing questions that arise in clinical practice. In addition to comprehensive presentation of the evidence, each topic offers practical, detailed and evidence-based recommendations that clinicians can use at the point of care. (This is a subscription with cost.)

Available for Download:

Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Competencies (2012)
This document describes entry-level competencies for graduates of master’s and postmaster’s programs preparing acute care nurse practitioners.

Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Competencies
This 2010 publication delineates the entry-level competencies for graduates of master’s, Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) and postgraduate programs preparing primary care NPs who serve the adult-gerontology population.

Johns Hopkins Antibiotic Guide
Available as a free download to your mobile device.

Patient Handoff Toolkit
Online/downloadable, free. Prepared by AORN and the Department of Defense through the TEAMStepps program.


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