Clinical Focus

A knowledge portal for clinical topics of interest to acute and critical care nurses.

Clinical Focus Areas

About AACN Clinical Focus

Developed by nurse educators, Clinical Focus brings together the latest information, evidence-based practices and resources for specific clinical areas. The portal and corresponding focus areas are designed to provide one-stop access to the essential information nurses need to do their best work and enhance patient outcomes.

Each focus area is broken into two parts:

  1. Clinical Overview – basic information on each topic and the scope of the problem
  2. Related Resources – links to clinical and educational materials available to nurses from AACN

AACN Clinical Focus is an evolving tool . Please check back regularly for new clinical areas and the most current clinical knowledge.

We also encourage you to provide feedback (using the link at the top of each page) about which topics we should focus on next and how AACN can make this resource even more valuable.

We hope you find AACN Clinical Focus to be a useful addition to your professional tool kit.

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